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Private Sponsors Music


American Musicological Society

  • Funds travel and research grants
  • Funds expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship, including books, essay collections, articles, chapters in essay collections, special issues of journals, and works in non-print media
  • Awards outstanding work in musical press, race/ethnic studies, musicology, music analysis, classic song


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American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

The ASCAP Plus Awards program rewards ASCAP writer members of children's music, concert music, jazz and musical theatre with a value beyond the scope of performance surveys.


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Chamber Music America

Jazz, residency projects


Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

To encourage the playing, enjoyment and accessibility of symphonic and chamber music by providing scholarship and program assistance at selected community music centers, schools and institutes; and by helping community-based ensembles of demonstrated quality implement artistic initiatives, diversify and increase audiences, and improve fund-raising capacity


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College Music Society (CMS) Fund

  • CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award ($500) recognizes exceptional contributions made by the CMS member in demonstrating the effective use of technology to improve college music instruction. Given annually, the Award recognizes an active CMS member who has demonstrated exceptional initiative in integrating technology with college music instruction
  • Community Engagement Projects: Seed Grant Support Award ($200)-music projects that bring together participants in higher education and members of the local community. The purpose of the seed grants is to provide support for community engagement projects that have potential for sustainability over time in local communities
  • Education in Music Award ($500) - recognizes established and on-going, imaginative and effective programs of engagement by higher education music faculty members that further education in music with local or area organizations (e.g., schools, civic associations, faith organizations)


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D'Addario Foundation

  • Provide monetary and product support to high-quality sustainable music instruction programs on the frontline to improve access to music education
  • Support programs that bring music back into communities and schools and get kids playing as early and as frequently as possible


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Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation

Art Spark Grant ($1,000)

  • Inspires creativity among artists involved in the fine arts or those involved in teaching creativity or fine arts (not limited to art teachers)
  • Artists or art programs that need a small grant to pay for the production, publication or exhibition of their works.
  • Artists or teachers who need art supplies or additional tools to support the completion of their creative works or to enhance creative opportunities for their students.
  • Artists or teachers who are working with geriatric/hospice support programs involving painting, sculpting, writing or music to benefit the lives of their patients.
  • Artists or teachers or artists who are developing creative programs or projects that use elements of the fine arts to benefit returning military personnel.
  • Teachers or artists who need "micro-grants" to develop artistic and creative programs to meet the special needs of developmentally delayed children


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Frank and Lydia Bergen Foundation

To perpetuate Miss Bergen's love of classical music and support of musical education by providing grants for musical performing arts and musical education


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Jazz Education Network (JEN)

Workshop/Clinician/Masterclass ($300)

  • Funds a musician(s) conducting a workshop/masterclass/clinic with students or community members
  • Examples: instrument-specific master classes, rhythm section workshops, an improvisation workshop at a university, high school jazz band clinics, etc.
  • The artist/artist(s) in question and the requesting individual must be JEN members
  • Funds must be used for artist fees only, and are not to be used for expenses relating to travel, housing, or per diem

In-School or Community Performance ($500)

  • Funds for an ensemble (trio or more) to present an in-school or community jazz performance/informance
  • Audience size should be a minimum of 100
  • Performances should include some educational aspect (e.g. history and background of the repertoire, explaining the inter-workings of a jazz ensemble, etc.)
  • At least one artist in the ensemble and the requesting individual must be JEN members
  • Funds are for artist fees only, and are not to be used for expenses relating to travel, housing, or per diem.


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Mockingbird Foundation

Music education for children


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New Music USA

  • Project Grants offer project-specific funding to individuals and organizations.
  • Music Alive supports composer-in-residence positions in orchestras of all sizes.


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Society for American Music

Scholarly research, concert music, critical editions, 19thC music, popular music, education and song, folk-based musical culture, traditional or Native American musical culture, African diasporic music, music on stage and screen, women's, gender, and sexuality studies


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Society for Music Theory

  • Awards that recognize outstanding publications within the field of music theory
  • Subventions - support scholarly projects that advance the discipline, such as publications, conferences and workshops, and other such projects.
  • Supports travel to Annual Meetings


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