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Private Sponsors Design


Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation

Art Spark Grant ($1,000)

  • Inspires creativity among artists involved in the fine arts or those involved in teaching creativity or fine arts (not limited to art teachers)
  • Artists or art programs that need a small grant to pay for the production, publication or exhibition of their works.
  • Artists or teachers who need art supplies or additional tools to support the completion of their creative works or to enhance creative opportunities for their students.
  • Artists or teachers who are working with geriatric/hospice support programs involving painting, sculpting, writing or music to benefit the lives of their patients.
  • Artists or teachers or artists who are developing creative programs or projects that use elements of the fine arts to benefit returning military personnel.
  • Teachers or artists who need "micro-grants" to develop artistic and creative programs to meet the special needs of developmentally delayed children


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Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation

  • Student design competition
  • Entries must be submitted by instructor
  • Students should recognize the importance of design elements that influence a purchase, as well as relate to the product and its container. They should gain an understanding of layout requirements for label production.


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International Furnishings and Design Association

Educational Foundation

Grants are offered to professionals working in the interior design or furnishings related fields

Karen Dzendolet, Director of Scholarships & Grants

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National Press Foundation

  • The Berryman Award is open to U.S.-based editorial cartoonists for work that exhibits power to influence public opinion, plus good drawing and striking effect.
  • The cartoons should represent the highest standards of journalism.


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Last Updated: 1/12/23