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Grants and Sponsored Research Development

Proposal Review, Approval, and Submission

Timeline for Proposal Review and Approval

6-8 weeks before deadline
  • Complete Letter of Intent to Apply for External Funding Form
  • Email to Chair, Dean, and Provost for review
2 weeks before deadline
  • Complete Grant Routing and Authorization Form
  • Attach all application and other internal documents
  • Send to Chair and Dean for review and signature
7 business days before deadline
  • Submit signed Grant Routing Form to GSRD with required application documents
  • GSRD will review documents for grammar and to ensure sponsor's instructions were followed
  • GSRD will send proposal to VP-Finance and Provost for signature
2-3 days before deadline
  • GSRD will submit final application to all federal sponsors
  • Faculty/staff will submit final application to non-federal sponsors

All proposals for external funding must be processed through GSRD which is the Authorized Organizational Representative for Winthrop University.

Investigators should start writing their proposals at least three months before the application due date. You should discuss your research or program with your Department Chair at least 8 weeks before the deadline. Submit the Letter of Intent to Apply for External Funding Form six to eight weeks before the deadline. The Grant Routing and Authorization Form is due to GSRD seven business days before the due date.

Prepare your proposal with enough time to submit it to the sponsor at least two to three days before it is due. This follows’s 48-hour submission window and will give you time to resolve any errors or unexpected system glitches that may occur during the submission process. GSRD will submit all federal grants. Faculty and staff can submit non-federal grants through the sponsor’s grant portal. However, please send GSRD the email confirmation that the sponsor received and accepted the application.

Letter of Intent to Apply for External Funding

The purpose of the Letter of Intent to Apply is to inform the Provost, Dean, Department Chair, and GSRD that you intend to apply for an externally funded grant. This is not an approval to submit the grant. Complete this form once you determine that you are eligible and meet the program requirements for the funding announcement. Complete and send the form to the Department Chair approximately six to eight weeks prior to the grant deadline.

Grant Routing and Authorization Form

The Grant Routing and Authorization Form is an internal document that summarizes information regarding the proposal to be submitted. It is reviewed and signed by all individuals (i.e., PI(s), Department Chair, Dean, GSRD, VP of Finance, Provost) required to approve the submission.

In the absence of specific documents requested from the sponsor or subcontractor, GSRD requires the following be attached to the Grant Routing Form:

  • Scope of Work/Work Plan that succinctly describes Winthrop’s role and the tasks to be performed by individuals listed on the budget
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification

 See The Nuts and Bolts of the Internal Grants Process (pdf - 2.07 mb) for detailed instructions on proposal submission forms.

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