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Master of Science in Biology Program Requirements without Thesis


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The Master of Science degree in biology without a thesis requires the completion of at least 33 hours of approved graduate-level courses. At least half the work presented for the degree must be 600-level courses.

Immediately upon entering the graduate program, the student should develop, with the assigned advisor, an individual course of study which meets the requirements for the degree and the student's objectives.

Program Requirements (Semester Hours)

BIOL 601 Theory and Method in Biology (3)
One course from the following: BIOL 610, BIOL 611, BIOL 612 (3)
Two courses from amongst the following: BIOL 610, BIOL 611, BIOL 612, BIOL 629, BIOL 630, BIOL 631, BIOL 632, BIOL 633(excluding the course taken to satisfy the above requirement) (3)

Select at least three hours from each of the following three areas: (9-12)
BIOL 505 Primate Biology
BIOL 513 Organic Evolution
BIOL 515 Environmental Biology
BIOL 518 Animal Behavior
BIOL 551 Conservation Biology
BIOL 552A Conservation Biology Practicum: Field Conservation Biology in the Tropics
BIOL 552B Conservation Biology Practicum: Field Conservation Biology in the Local Community 
BIOL 560 Bioinformatics
BIOL 632 Advanced Topics in Ecology/Evolutionary Biology  

BIOL 505 Primate Biology
BIOL 508 Invertebrate Biology
BIOL 510 Vertebrate Natural History
BIOL 511 Ornithology
BIOL 518 Animal Behavior
BIOL 519 Mechanisms of Disease
BIOL 524 Advanced Botany
BIOL 528 Biology of Bone 
BIOL 631 Advanced Topics in Organismal and Developmental Biology
BIOL 633 Advanced Topics in Physiology/Integrated Biology  

BIOL 519 Mechanisms of Disease
BIOL 522 Immunology
BIOL 529 Stem Cell Biology
BIOL 530 Current Methods in Microscopy
BIOL 555 Molecular Biology
BIOL 557 Genetic Engineering
BIOL 560 Bioinformatics
BIOL 629 Advanced Topics in Cellular/Molecular Biology
BIOL 630 Advanced Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab

500-600 level BIOL electives (6-15)

Select additional courses from those listed in the areas above and/or from the following:
BIOL 540 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 605 Bioethics
BIOL 620 Supervised Laboratory Instruction
BIOL 640 Readings in Biology
BIOL 670 Biological Statistics
BIOL 671 Graduate Research in Biology

500-600 level approved electives (0-6)  

Total Semester Hours:   33

Note: Registration For GSTC 600, Continuing Graduate Studies, may be required. Check with advisor.    Visit the graduate course descriptions webpage to view course descriptions.


Last Updated: 1/18/23