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Master of Liberal Arts in Political and Civic Engagement 

Program Requirements

The Master of Liberal Arts degree requires completion of 33 semester hours of approved graduate-level courses as indicated below, at least half of which must be 600-level courses. Twelve hours are in four courses designed for the program. Three of these courses are interdisciplinary colloquia developed on the theme, "The Search for Order." These courses explore this search by examining how order is brought to our world through empirical, rational and intuitive means. The fourth required course, to be taken at the end of the program, is an individual project on a topic of interest to the student. The remaining seven courses (21 hours) are elective graduate courses in liberal arts and science disciplines selected by the student upon consultation with the director. Elective courses must  be chosen from at least two different course designators. 

The concentration in political and civic engagement consists of 12 hours of approved courses (see list that follows), of which at least 6 hours must be at the 600-level. In addition, the Capstone Colloquium (LART 604) must focus on a topic or theme directly related to the concentration and must be done with a faculty director with expertise in the chosen area.

Program Requirements (Semester Hours)

LART 601 The Search for Order: The Empirical Eye (3)
LART 602 The Search for Order: The Rational Eye (3)
LART 603 The Search for Order: The Intuitive Eye (3)
LART 604 Capstone Colloquium (3) 
Courses within the Concentration; minimum of 6 hours at 600-level* (12)
500-600 level electives (9)

Total Semester Hours:   33

500-level course credit earned as an undergraduate at Winthrop University cannot be applied to this concentration and cannot be re-taken for graduate credit.
Registration for GSTC 600, Continuing Graduate Studies, may be required if LART 604 is not completed within the semester for which it is registered. Check with the program director.

*Courses within the Concentration:

The following Political Science (PLSC) courses may be applied to the Concentration in Political and Civic Engagement: 506, 507, 512, 514, 515, 551, 553. In addition, all 600-level Political Science courses may be applied to the Concentration in Political and Civic Engagement. These courses are offered on a regular and rotating basis.

MLA students enrolling in the Concentration in Political and Civic Engagement may enroll in 500-level Political Science courses that are not listed above. These courses will be considered electives.

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Last Updated: 7/3/19