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M.Ed. Counseling and Development: School Counseling Concentration

The school counseling program prepares graduates to meet the growing needs in P-12 students. Today's professional school counselor provides effective psychological and behavioral interventions to support academic, career, and personal/social. The school counseling program prepares graduates to work as counselors in public and private P-12 school settings. Students satisfactorily completing the School Counseling concentration requirements and receiving a passing score on the PRAXIS specialty examination will be eligible for licensure or certification as a school counselor.

Required Core Courses: (24 Semester Hours)

CSDV 601 Counseling Theories (3)
CSDV 602 Counseling Skills (3)
CSDV 603 Career and Lifestyle Development (3)
CSDV 605 Diversity Issues in Counseling (3)
CSDV 606 Group Counseling (3)
CSDV 607 Appraisal of the Individual (3)
CSDV 614 Lifespan Developmental Counseling (3)
EDUC 640 Educational Research, Design and Analysis (3)

Specialized Studies: (24 hours)

CSDV 608 Loss, Grief and Crisis Counseling (3)
CSDV 613 Foundations and Ethical Issues in School Counseling (3)
CSDV 615S School Program Planning, Consultation, and Supervision (3)
CSDV 617 Family Counseling (3)
CSDV 618 Addictions Counseling (3) 
CSDV 621 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling (3)
CSDV 622 Counseling Children and Adolescents (3)
CSDV 623 Advanced Counseling Interventions (3)

Professional Clinical Experiences: (12 hours)

CSDV 610A Counseling Practicum I (3)
CSDV 610B Counseling Practicum II (3)
CSDV 611 Counseling Internship I (3)
CSDV 612 Counseling Internship II (3) 

Total Semester Hours (60)

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Professional Licensure Disclosure

Requirements for professional licensure in counseling vary from state to state. Winthrop’s School Counseling program is designed to meet SC and NC licensure requirements for school counseling and may not meet requirements from other states. We are unable to make a determination about whether or not our program will lead to licensure in other states. Before beginning any academic program that leads to licensure, we strongly recommend you contact the state licensing board where you wish to seek licensure to determine whether the program you are considering will meet that state's licensing requirements.



Last Updated: 1/18/23