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Master of Business Administration Program Requirements

(effective Fall 2021)


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The general MBA program requires 30 semester hours of graduate courses. The curriculum includes the MBA core of 27 hours and 3 hours of elective credit. Students will earn three micro-credentials as a part of the MBA program (Leadership in Organizations, Business Analytics, and Financial Analysis). Additionally, students may earn an optional concentration in Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing or Strategic Leadership for an additional 6 hours. Up to 4 hours of prerequisites may be required, depending upon the individual student's preparation.


Prerequisite Requirements

Students may be required to complete some or all of the following prerequisite foundation courses. Prerequisites are courses that consist of content that is required for a student to be prepared for specific MBA classes. Prerequisites have either been taken at the undergraduate level or can be completed online in a self-paced module format prior to taking the MBA required core course. A grade of C or better is required within each prerequisite course. 

Prerequisite Courses 

Financial Accounting (required for ACCT 680) 
Managerial Accounting (required for ACCT 680) 
Fundamentals of Economics or Microeconomics (required for ECON 680) 
Understanding Corporate Finance or Principles of Finance (required for FINC 680) 
Excel for MBA Students (required for QMTH 680) 

General Master of Business Administration Required Program

Core Classes

Leadership in Organizations Micro-Certificate* 
MGMT 680 Organizational Leadership & Communications (3)
MKTG 680 Marketing Management (3)
MGMT 684 Strategic & International Issues in Management (3)

Financial Analysis Micro-Certificate** 

ACCT 680 Accounting for Managers (3)
ECON 680 Managerial Economics (3)
FINC 680 Financial Policy Management (3)

Business Analytics Micro-Certificate*** 

BADM 571 Applied Analytics and Data Visualization (3)^
CSCI 685 Data Management (3)
QMTH 680 Statistical Methods & Business Research (3)

Elective/ Concentration Course (may be used towards optional concentration)

One from the following: FINC 512, MGMT 622, MKTG 681, or BADM 694*  (3)

Total Semester Hours:  30


*The Leadership in Organizations Micro-Certificate will provide students with leadership, communication, and organizational behavior knowledge and skills, which they will applying to understanding and implementing marketing and management strategies in the workplace. This micro-certificate consists of MGMT 680, MKTG 680, and MGMT 684 and is open to all admitted graduate students, including non-degree seeking students. 


**The Financial Analysis Micro-Certificate will provide students with a managerial foundation of knowledge and skills in the areas of accounting, finance and economics.  Analytical skills applied to various quantitative business contexts will also be emphasized. This micro-certificate is available only to admitted MBA students, and requires completion of ACCT 680, ECON 680, and FINC 680.  


***The Business Analytics Micro-Certificate will provide students with a foundation in data analytics for today’s business contexts.  Students will learn advanced statistical techniques, data management processes and procedures, data visualization, and other analytical skills. This micro-certificate is available only to admitted MBA students, and requires completion of BADM 571, CSCI 685, and QMTH 680.  


^If any course was taken as an undergraduate student, please consult with your advisor to choose another 500-level course. 


For the online MBA program requirements, visit our curriculum page.

Note: Registration for GSTC 600, Continuing Graduate Studies, may be required. Check with advisor. 

Visit the graduate course descriptions webpage to view course descriptions

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