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MBA in Accounting and Analytics Required Program

(effective Fall 2021)


The MBA with an Accounting emphasis requires 30 semester hours of graduate courses. Additionally, students will earn two certificates as a part of the program (Advanced Accounting and Accounting Analytics). Depending upon the individual student's preparation, prerequisites may be required.

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Prerequisite Courses*

ACCT 280 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
ACCT 281 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3)
ACCT 303 Accounting Information Systems (3)
ACCT 304 Accounting Analytics
ACCT 521 Fraud and Forensics
ACCT 305 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
ACCT 306 Intermediate Accounting II (3)
ACCT 309 Cost Accounting (3)
ACCT 401 Introduction to Tax (3)
ACCT 509 Auditing (3)
ECON 215 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
BADM 250 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (3)
FINC 311 Principles of Finance (3)
QMTH 205 Quantitative Methods in Business (3)
QMTH 210 Business Analytics (3)
MGMT 220 Business Information Systems (3)
MGMT 321 Management and Leadership (3)
MGMT 680 Leadership and Organizational Behavior **

*C or better required in each prerequisite course
**If MGMT 321 or an equivalent course was not taken at the undergraduate level, students
must take MGMT 680 as an elective towards the MBA Accounting and Analytics program.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to confirm that courses taken meet the
requirements for the CPA exam in the state where they would like to be licensed.


Required Program

Course Title

Semester Hours 

Advanced Accounting Certificate* 


ACCT 606 Advanced Financial Accounting 


ACCT  502 Corporate Tax^ 


ACCT 609 Advanced Auditing  


ACCT 510 Advanced Managerial Accounting^ 


Accounting Analytics Certificate**  


QMTH 680 Statistical Methods and Business Research             


CSCI 685 Data Management 


BADM 571 Applied Analytics and Data Visualization 


ACCT 515 Audit Analytics 




ACCT 694 Internship in Accounting 


BADM 694 Internship in Business Administration 


ACCT 607 Tax Research 


600 level course in MGMT, MKTG, FINC or ECON 


Successful completion of  

ACCT 616, 617, 618 and 619***


Total Semester Hours  


*The Advanced Accounting Certificate equips students with the knowledge to help them prepare for the CPA exam and have a competitive edge in the workplace. This certificate program is available to all graduate students who have the required course pre-requisites.  

**The Accounting Analytics Certificate equips students with the technology and analytical skills to have a competitive edge in the workplace. This certificate program is available to all graduate students who have the required course pre-requisites. 

***ACCT 616-619 are zero credit courses graded on a credit/no credit basis that do not contribute hours toward degree completion. Successful completion of these courses is required before the MBA/Accounting Emphasis degree is awarded. These courses are preparation for the different sections of the CPA Examination. Students should enroll in a minimum of one of these courses every semester until all four parts of the simulated CPA exam are passed.  Students may substitute actual CPA examination scores for a simulated CPA exam score if the actual exam has been taken and passed. 

^Please consult with your advisor if you took either of these courses as an undergraduate student. They will help you select another 500-level course.  

Note:  Registration for GSTC 600, Continuing Graduate Studies, may be required.  Check with advisor.


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