Winthrop University: Graduate School - Master of Music in Conducting Required Program
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Master of Music in Conducting Required Program


Required Program Semester Hours
MUSA 511 Score Reading 2
500-600 level electives in MUSA/MUST (no more than 3 hours of applied music may be included)  6
MUST 565  Twentieth Century Music Literature 3
Graduate Music Theory Seminar Course 3
MUST 614 Research in Music 3
MUST 614 Graduate Recital: Performance 0
MUST 698 Graduate Written & Oral Comprehensive Exams 0
In addition to the required program, each student must complete one of the following tracks:  
Choral Track:  
600-level Choral Conducting 9
MUST 506 Chorale Literature 3
MUST 508 Standard Choral Repertory 3
Choose 2 hours from: 2
MUSA 651 Winthrop Collegiate Choir  
MUSA 652 Winthrop Chorale  
MUSA 654 Winthrop Chamber Singers  
Instrumental Track:  
600-level  Instrumental Conducting 9
MUST 564 Romantic Period Music 3
MUST 518 Wind Literature 3
Choose 2 hours from: 2
MUSA 656 Wind Symphony  
MUSA 657 Symphonic Band  
MUSA 658 Wind Ensemble  
Total Semester Hours 34


Visit the graduate course descriptions webpage to view course descriptions.   At least one-half of the work presented for a graduate music degree must be in course work at the 600 level. Registration for GSTC 600 (Continuing Graduate Studies) may be required. Check with advisor.  

Comprehensive Examinations. At least two weeks prior to final examinations, music graduate students must pass written and oral examinations covering all aspects of their graduate program. Students may not attempt the comprehensive examinations more than three times.

Performance Requirements for Graduation. At the culmination of applied study and near the end of the degree program, at least two weeks prior to final examinations, the student will present a full conducting recital as part of the degree requirements. Students meeting degree performance requirements must be enrolled for applied music study in the semester or term in which the recital is given. 

Last Updated: 1/18/23