Winthrop University: Graduate School - Master of Arts in Teaching Required Program
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Master of Arts in Teaching Required Program


Required Program Semester Hours
Core Coursework  19-28
EDCO 600 Teaching in a Democracy  3
EDCO 601* Psychology Applied to Teaching or ECED 636 Foundations of Early Childhood Education  0-3
EDCO 602 Technology for the 21st Century Classroom 2
EDCO 605 Educational Assessment or PETE 590 Assessment in Physical Education or SPED 591
Assessment in Special Education or MLED 630 Pedagogy and Assessment in the Middle School        

EDCO 660 Effective Teaching and Management Strategies or SPED 510 PBIS for the Classroom Teacher             3
READ 645* Content Area Reading and Writing 0-3
EDCO 610* Effective Teaching Practices for Exceptional and Diverse Learners
SPED 585 Methods of Teaching LD, ED, ID, and AS
EDCO 690 School Internship -
EDCO 695 Education Capstone -
Content Pedagogy Coursework 5-6
AREA 5xx/6xx Content Specific Teaching Methods/Field 3-4
AREA 592 or 692 Internship I 1
AREA 593 or 693 Area Capstone/Seminar 1
Additional Electives or Content Courses 0-6**
Minimum Hours for Graduation 30


Visit the graduate course description webpage  to view course descriptions.

MAT Traditional Pathway Content Areas:

Art (K-12)
Early Childhood (PK-3)
Elementary Education (2-6)
French (K-12)
Middle Level Education (5-8)
Music (K-12)                          
Physical Education (K-12)
Social Studies
Spanish (K-12)
Special Education (K-12)


*Courses for which the candidate has appropriate undergraduate experience can be waived with prior approval and a minimum of 30 credits at the graduate level. 

**Additional hours may be required to meet AREA-specific requirements based on experience and coursework. Content area courses must be completed in the area in which the graduate candidate is seeking certification. Each area of specialization has completely different content area preparation. Each individual teacher candidate will have different required content area preparation based on what requirements have been satisfied at the undergraduate or graduate level prior to acceptance into the MAT program. Transcripts will be reviewed by the program areas and content area course deficiencies will be addressed by requiring students to take content area courses at the graduate or undergraduate level. 


Last Updated: 1/18/23