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Master of Arts in History Program Requirements without Thesis

The Master of Arts in History without a thesis requires the completion of at least 30 hours of approved graduate-level courses. At least half the work presented for the degree must be 600-level courses.
If a student has not taken HIST 300 or an equivalent historiography and methodology course, he/she must do so as soon after admission as practicable. The student will not receive graduate-level credit for this course. In exceptional circumstances, the student may, with the permission of the MA advisor and the department chairperson, demonstrate adequate research and writing skills by submitting satisfactory proof of those skills in lieu of taking HIST 300. In such case, the student must submit to the MA advisor a research paper and receive the advisor's approval that the paper demonstrates adequate research and writing skills.
Immediately upon entering the graduate program, the student should develop with the assigned advisor an individual course of study which meets the requirements for the degree and the student's objectives.

Required Program

Semester Hours

HIST 603-604


500-600 level approved HIST courses


500-600 level approved collateral courses in supporting
areas or departments


Total Semester Hours


Note: Registration for GSTC 600, Continuing Graduate Studies, may be required. Check with advisor.  

Visit the graduate course descriptions webpage to view course descriptions.
Foreign Language Requirement

In addition to the requirements stated above, before registering for the 25th semester hour of the program, the student must have successfully completed 6 semester hours of a foreign language or have passed a language examination approved by the department.
Exit Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, the student must perform satisfactorily on a comprehensive examination administered by the department.


Last Updated: 7/29/20