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Global Learning Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

How can faculty get involved in the GLI?

In many ways, including:

  • Serving on one of the five committees charged with implementing the GLI;
  • Sharing their experiences of integrating Global Learning Components into their courses;
  • Developing short-term study abroad courses;
  • Encouraging students to study abroad;
  • Participating in workshops and TLC sessions on the Global Learning Initiative;
  • Sponsoring Global Learning Cultural Events;
  • Developing Global Engagement Experiences;
  • Recruiting students with international experiences to become Global Peer Mentors;
  • Suggesting possible titles for the Common Book or for adoption in the HMXP 102 reader;
  • Integrating new and/or additional Global Learning Components into their courses; and
  • Teaching ACAD 101 and HMXP 102 if trained.

How can students get involved in the GLI?

In many ways, including:

  • Serving on one of the five committees involved with implementing the GLI;
  • Sponsoring Global Learning Cultural Events as part of DiGiorgio Student Union Program Board or through their major programs;
  • Attending Global Learning Cultural Events;
  • Participating in musical, dance, or theatrical performances that are Global Learning Cultural Events;
  • Seeking out General Education Program courses that have Global Learning Components;
  • Seeking out Global Engagement Experiences;
  • Participating in short-term and long-term study abroad opportunities;
  • Becoming a Peer Mentor

How did Winthrop University choose the GLI?

The GLI is the result of a two-year process that involved the entire Winthrop Community: faculty, staff, and students. The process involved focus groups and surveys and presentations of different project ideas. The GLI emerged from a consensus that today's college students need more information about, and experience with, the world in order to be prepared for life and careers in an increasingly integrated and globalized world.

How long will the GLI last?

The GLI is a five year plan, which started in the 2011-2012 academic year and will continue through 2015-2016. In the 2015-16 academic year, Winthrop University will determine whether and how to continue and expand the GLI.

How will the GLI affect the student experience at Winthrop University?

Students will encounter more Global Learning Components in their General Education Program courses, starting with ACAD 101 and HMXP 102. They will also see more Global Learning Cultural Events on campus and may even be required to attend some as class assignments. Students will learn more about study abroad opportunities in their major programs and perhaps be inspired to spend a semester or year abroad. Students may take part in global engagement experiences, such as appropriate service learning projects, or become Peer Mentors in ACAD 101. Finally, students may be involved in sponsoring or performing in Global Learning Cultural Events.

How will we know if the GLI is successful?

Key personnel in University College, in conjunction with various faculty and staff committees, will regularly assess student learning outcomes in the three general categories (global knowledge, global attitudes, and global engagement), and adjust the program as appropriate.

What is the GLI?

The Global Learning Initiative is a Winthrop University plan to integrate Global Learning intentionally into the General Education Program.

What is the purpose of the GLI?

The purpose of the GLI is to improve student learning in three general categories; global knowledge, global attitudes, and global engagement.

Where can I learn more?

Read the GLI proposal (pdf - 1.46 MB).

Why did Winthrop University create the GLI?

In 2010-11, Winthrop University underwent reaffirmation from its accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS requires that each institution undergoing reaffirmation identify a component of its undergraduate program to improve. This is called the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The GLI is Winthrop University's QEP.

































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