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Entrance Counseling and Exit Counseling Information

Winthrop University is required to provide entrance and exit counseling to loan recipients. Federal regulations require that the University counsel each first time loan recipient on your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.

Entrance Counseling

All first-time borrowers MUST complete an Entrance Counseling Session and sign a Master Promissory Note.   Both requirements can be completed online using the Federal Student Aid web site. 

  • Go to and click the Sign In bar under the Manage My Direct Loan heading.   

You will sign in using the same Federal Student Aid PIN (issued by the U.S. Department of Education) that you used to complete the online FAFSA. You may request a duplicate PIN or change your PIN.

  • Once you have successfully signed in, select Complete Entrance Counseling.  

Step 1 – Counseling Type:  Select “I am an undergraduate student” unless you have been accepted into a master’s degree program.
Step 2 – Guidelines:  Read the instructions carefully.
Step 3 – School Information:  Be sure to select Winthrop University as your school so we will receive notification that you have successfully completed the session.
Step 4 – Counseling Session/Quiz:  Follow the instructions to complete the quiz. 

  • After completing the entrance counseling session, select the option to complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    Select “Subsidized/Unsubsidized” for the type of loan. 
    Complete all four steps and submit.
    Make sure to print a copy of the MPN for your records. 

The Office of Financial Aid will electronically receive the Entrance Counseling and MPN results within 2 – 3 business days.

Your Federal Direct Loan will not credit your account until you have successfully completed both of these requirements.  Your loan(s) may be subject to cancellation if you do not complete Entrance Counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note.

Exit Counseling

Students who have borrowed Federal Direct Loans or FFEL Program loans and have either graduated, withdrawn or dropped below half-time are required to complete an exit loan counseling session.

  • Go to
  • Click the Sign In bar under the Manage My Direct Loan heading.
      • Enter your social security number 
      • Enter the first two letters of your last name 
      • Enter your date of birth
      • Enter your FAFSA PIN* and Submit.
  • Click Complete Counseling.
  • Click Start in the Exit Counseling section.
  • At the school choice section, make sure to choose Winthrop University so that we will receive electronic confirmation that you have completed the Exit Counseling.
  • You will now begin the exit counseling session.

*Note:  You must use the Federal Student Aid PIN (issued by the U.S. Department of Education) that you used to complete the online FAFSA. Request a duplicate PIN if you have forgotten the PIN issued to you.