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November 2015

Homecoming 2015

Homecoming at Winthrop is an important part of the spirit and tradition of the University, involving students, faculty, staff, alumni and you, as a Winthrop parent or family member. We are extremely excited for this year's Homecoming week, November 9-14, themed, HOMECOMING 2015: New York, New York: A Winthrop State of Mind. The Student Homecoming Committee is constantly working to improve Homecoming events and this year has added a brand new signature program we would like to highlight. The week will kick off with Paint the Town Garnet and Gold as we show our Eagle pride around campus, painting the windows of DIGS and the West Center Garnet and Gold. One of the other highlights in the Homecoming Concert. The Homecoming concert is scheduled for Friday, November 13. Advance tickets are available for purchase online. You may visit our Homecoming webpage to view the entire line up of events.

It is through these new initiatives that we hope to generate more student involvement and promote the importance of school pride. The Homecoming Committee is dedicated to jolting such an effort, and believes parents and family members have a place in helping to continue the traditions of Homecoming at Winthrop, and encouraging your student to take advantage of an important experience in their college lives. We encourage you as a Winthrop parent or family member to support these events and help to establish and build those traditions of which we are so fond and proud.

A Message from the Office of the President


I am pleased to share with you the Fall 2015 Winthrop Magazine. This electronic version complements the printed magazine that you may have received at your home address. I hope you will enjoy the videos and other interactive elements that the electronic version makes possible.

In this edition, you will read about individuals who embody the Winthrop experience — inquisitive undergraduate researchers and their dedicated faculty mentors, a first-generation graduate who rewrote the educational expectations for his family, an accomplished student-athlete with record-setting talent, and an outstanding faculty member who has reinvented herself within and outside of the classroom.

You also will learn about Winthrop's traditions, past and present, as well as find out more about me, my family and my vision for Winthrop.

I encourage you to explore the magazine by clicking on the link above or graphic below. Please share the magazine with anyone who may be interested in all that is happening at Winthrop University today.


Daniel F. Mahony



A Word from Counseling Services

College is a time when many students begin to experience mental health problems for the first time. Parents, do not freak out.

A mental health problem is very similar to a physical health problem — it's a medical state of a person's brain chemistry that leads to an identifiable and common set of symptoms. Counseling Services exists in partnership with Health Services because we both contribute to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of whole person health.

At Counseling Services, we're seeing two big themes in recent semesters, Anxiety and Depression. Now, there are all kinds of subtleties and different diagnoses in each student's individual experience of anxiety or depression, but as a rule of thumb, if you're seeing any of these symptoms in your student, it would be a good idea to help him or her get some relief!

Excessive worry, racing worried thoughts
Can't control the worry
Feeling restless or keyed up
Easily fatigued
Can't concentrate, mind goes blank
Muscle tension — physical aches and pains, headaches
Can't fall asleep or stay asleep, wake up not rested

Depressed mood
Little or no interest in enjoyable activities — almost like they can't feel enjoyment
Significant weight loss or gain
Can't sleep or too much sleep
Really agitated and irritable or really slowed down
Tired all the time; no energy
Worthlessness or guilty feelings
Can't concentrate or think clearly
Thoughts about death or suicidal thoughts

Counseling Services is located in the Crawford Building. We're staffed by licensed staff counselors, psychologists, and social Workers as well as supervised graduate students in training to be the next generation of mental health professionals. We offer registered Winthrop students short term counseling (8-12 sessions/academic year) on an individual, couple, or group basis. Every day, we offer intake appointments (for new clients) and same day appointments (for new or existing clients in urgent need) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Even if these appointments are full, a student in need will at least touch base with a counselor by phone that day.

Feel free to contact me or any of the other counselors on our staff with questions or concerns about your student. We welcome calls from parents. We may not be able to offer specific information due to confidentiality laws, but we are more than happy to share general advice and guidance regarding next steps.

Dr. Gretchen Baldwin
Psychologist, Clinical Coordinator for Counseling Services
Center for Student Wellness
217 Crawford Building


Dining Services

It's getting colder here in the South! Wintertime is generally regarded as the time of year when you are destined to feel under the weather. We want to make sure your student continues to stay healthy during these winter months. Fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and protein give us the necessary fuel to feel well and energetic. It is vital your student also understands the importance of washing his or her hands. We have anti-bacterial stations at all dining locations on campus — please stress to your student the importance of using these stations before and after eating!

It is also important that your student stays healthy for finals! Don't forget the brain food. Make sure your student eats properly during finals week! A $100 Caf Cash reload should get them through! You can add Caf Cash immediately to their account by going to the dining website.

By now your student is getting the flow of things here at Winthrop University — how everything works, and what they would like to see improved or stay the same! We would love to have their feedback at our Dining Services Advisory Board meetings, which take place every month in Thomson Hall. This is a time we like to hear student's feedback on dining services at Winthrop. We offer free lunch to all students that join the meeting and a Caf Cash drawing. Our next meeting is November 11 at 11:30 a.m., in the Upper East Thomson conference room. If your student has any requests, let them know to stop by!
Happy Holidays from Dining Services!


December 2015 Commencement Ceremony

Winthrop University's December 2015 Commencement Ceremony exercises is scheduled for Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at the Winthrop Coliseum. All August 2015 and December 2015 graduates are invited to participate! The procession will begin promptly at 10:50 a.m.

Degree candidates should report to the check-in area, located just inside the north entrance of the coliseum, in academic cap and gown by no later than 9:30 a.m. Please note that all students must be in proper graduation attire: black robes, black caps with garnet and gold tassel. (Ladies do not have to wear the white collar which may come with the gown.) Caps may not be decorated and only Winthrop-issued honor cords may be worn. Sorority/fraternity stoles may not be worn over the gown during the ceremony. You may purchase your cap, gown and tassel at the Winthrop Bookstore.

Family and guests of the degree candidates are invited to enter the Coliseum through the upper concourse level and be seated by 10:40 a.m. Parking for the ceremony is available on university property only. Those who park off of university property may be towed. Guests are asked not to bring balloons into the coliseum. Balloons obstruct views and make it difficult to see the graduates.

The commencement ceremony will be video streamed on the web. There will be a link on the Winthrop University homepage on the day of Commencement with the link to the stream and instructions for optimal viewing.

For more information regarding the December 2015 Commencement Ceremony please visit our website.

If you have any questions please contact:
803/323-4600 (FAX)


Residence Halls Closed for Thanksgiving Break

As with every extended break, residence halls will close for the Thanksgiving holiday promptly at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, November 2 and will reopen at 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 29. Students will not be allowed to enter their residence hall room after the 9 a.m. closing.

As students depart, residence hall staff will check every room for general health and safety. These inspections are plain view searches. Staff will be checking for prohibited items including fire hazards (extension cords, candles, etc.) and will also check the general cleanliness of the room and suite bathrooms. Residence hall contracts state that health and safety inspections periodically occur.

Special arrangements for students to stay can be made for those students who are student teachers, participating in an internship, athletes whose names have been submitted by the Athletic Department, students with Rock Hill area jobs, and students that live more than 300 miles from the Winthrop campus.

A Break Stay form, which is passed out to all students with more instructions, must be returned to Residence Life. Students who are staying for the holiday break must make their own arrangements to stay in Lee Wicker, Phelps, Richardson, Roddey or The Courtyard, if not currently assigned. All other halls will be closed.

All approved students will receive a permission form that they must keep throughout the break. Students are not allowed to have room guests during the break. Students are able to call their Residential Learning Coordinator (RLC) or Residence Life at 803/323-2223 with further questions.


Important Dates

Wednesday - Sunday, November 25-29
Thanksgiving Holidays (26-27, offices closed)


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