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February 2016 

Interim Grades

Winthrop is committed to supporting student success, and one way to do that is to communicate with students in an intentional way about their class progress. In about a month, most students will be receiving interim grades (also known as "mid-term" grades). These grades are a guideline to assist students and advisors in assessing where the student is at that particular point in the semester. Students at-risk can be referred to the Academic Success Center (ASC) while high-performing students can be steered towards the Honors Program

Students can access their interim grades for classes that meet the whole semester through the online portal, Wingspan, beginning February 29. Interim grades do not appear on a transcript (unofficial or official), and students should keep in mind that their grade is only reflective of the amount of graded work done in the class up to that point. Most often, there is plenty of time to bring up a low grade. If not, students have time to consult with the instructor, advisor, or other support unit about whether to withdraw from the class. The last day to withdraw with a N from a class and/or elect the S/U option is March 9.

Students with questions about their interim grades should confer directly with their instructors. The ASC can also assist students with academic questions or concerns.

Leadership Opportunities at Winthrop

Roll the dice and encourage your student to sign up to attend the Game of L.I.F.T. on February 20, Winthrop's Annual Leadership Conference. Planned by students for students, this one-day leadership conference held on campus is open to any Winthrop student to attend. All students interested in attending must register by February 5 online at The conference is free as long as students register and show up. Highlights of the conference include national keynote speaker Pete Mockaitis, who will speak on "Why Must I Be Surrounded by Idiots" and "Student Leader Frustrations". Students will then be able to pick from 15 other sessions. The 15 other sessions are presented by a mix of student life staff, faculty, student leaders and community members. Students have the opportunity to choose what they want to learn more about for them to improve their leadership. 

If your student can't make it to the L.I.F.T. Conference, the Office of Student Engagement & Diversity will be offering a Charge Up Your Leadership Series Monday nights at 5:30 p.m. in the DiGiorgio Campus Center during the month of February. Charge Up Your Leadership allows students a weekly opportunity to improve their leadership skills. If a student attends three out of five sessions, they will be eligible to win a backup battery pack for their mobile device. Topics presented in the series include team building, communication, event planning, conflict management and being an ethical leader. If you or your student have any questions about leadership development opportunities please contact Patricia Riley, assistant director of student activities at

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Reflection 

Winthrop University has a strong history and tradition of embracing the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. Since 2000, Winthrop University has reserved MLK Day as a day of celebration, remembrance, and service. It has evolved into a campuswide event sponsored by various departments and organizations. Without a doubt, the university's values of service, excellence, diversity, community and leadership are fostered and developed through this initiative. Every year we have a great turnout of students, faculty and staff for the MLK Day service projects. Within the last three years we have had an average of 230 students participating, contributing around five hundred service hours annually to various old and new community partners. Last year the MLK Day of Service groups were comprised of individuals across a multitude of organizations on campus. Students commented that one aspect they liked about the event was that it enabled them to meet new people and serve with other students they otherwise may not interact with. To further embrace diversity within our community, we collaborate with other institutions of education, including Clinton Junior College and York Technical College. This is another way for us to embrace diversity, promote service and create a sense of community within the Rock Hill area.

All of the volunteers participating in our 2016 day of service were randomly assigned to one of four projects. Through this exercise, students addressed local community needs while engaging with people who come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Students learned new ways of problem solving as they navigated the service with their teams. By asking students to step outside of their comfort zones, we hope to increase awareness and encourage students to see their community and fellow students in a new light. Thus, Winthrop and our participating community partners have become an active part of a national movement that aims to empower individuals to overcome barriers and build strong, healthy futures. 

On behalf of our objective to always spread unity and tolerance, we have made an effort to advertise for both volunteers and student leader positions in all areas of campus. This especially includes the Center for Disability Services, which is adjacent to our Center for Career Development and Internships Office. All of our project sites had components that allow for students of all abilities to actively participate. 

It is apparent that our students and their enthusiasm are what make MLK Day of Service so successful every year. However, they are much more than just volunteers. About 30 student leaders were selected this year to recruit participants, help with planning, lead their groups in service and reflection, and spread morale. This MLK Day of Service is an extension of our office where we firmly believe in the power of service. By extending new partnerships and continuing to support community organizations, as well as fostering volunteer opportunities full of tolerance and learning, Winthrop University's legacy of service will continue to hold strong.

A Message from Recreational Services

Recreational Services is housed in the Louis Rhame West Center. The West Center contains a 36- foot climbing wall, four racquetball courts, 25-yard pool, four basketball courts, an 8,000 square foot weight room, 2,000 square feet of cardio space, and two aerobic/activity rooms. Recreational Services is known for diverse programs, such as, fitness, aquatics, intramurals, and club sports, that accommodates students, faculty/staff, and West Center members.

The fitness program incorporates something for everyone that meets your needs; whether you enjoy working out in a group setting or working out individually. If you enjoy comradery, group fitness gives that "team" feeling. We offer 31 group fitness classes with various formats that accommodate all fitness levels. An example of some classes we offer include, Yoga + Zen, WU FIT, Aqua Tone, and Tabata n' Box. If you enjoy working out individually but don't know where to begin your fitness journey, a certified Personal Trainer will help design a personalized workout to help you reach your fitness goals. 

The Aquatics program offers private swim lessons year round for all ages, as well as summer swim lessons for children ages 3-15. Recreational lap swimming and Group Fitness classes such as Aqua Tone, which is a low impact class that features a heart-pounding cardiovascular and strengthening workout, are popular with our West Center members. The pool offers eight lanes and ranges from four feet to 13 feet. 

There are approximately 1,100 students that participate in intramural sports throughout the year at least one time. We offer most of the major sports here at Winthrop including flag football, soccer, basketball, and softball; we also offer volleyball, dodge ball, racquetball, and kickball. These sports are played a maximum of two times per week Monday through Thursday after 6 p.m. Intramural sports are intended to be played as a recreational sport for all playing levels. Intramurals allows students to interact with others on campus as well as compete in friendly competition with friends.

For those students who have more of an investment in the sports they played while in high school, Winthrop offers a variety of club sports that are student-run organizations. These clubs have regularly scheduled practice times (or meetings for clubs that don't practice; i.e. skydiving club) that require more of a commitment from the students. Anybody can join a club sport and all are encouraged if they desire to learn a sport. Above all, intramural and club sports encourage participation and sportsmanship as they are key values within our department here at Winthrop University. 

For more information check out the links below: 
Facebook PageWebsite

A Message from Dining Services 

You have made it to the spring semester! We have lots of exciting things going on this semester!

We have added a To Go option in Thomson Caf! This option helps students with busy schedules get the most out of their meal plan by allowing them to use their meals whenever it is most convenient for them.

It's a new semester and commuter students still have time to purchase a meal plan!

We still have six meal plans commuters may choose from — two being created specifically for commuters. To purchase, your student can log onto to his or her Wingspan account and choose the Meal Plan of his or her choice — this will be charged to the student's account. If you would like to pay it immediately, you can go to the Cashiers office and pay — otherwise it will be placed on your next bill from the university.

As an extra incentive, we are running a Welcome Back Commuter special! From January 11 to February 11 we will add an extra $100 when you upgrade to Commuter Ultimate, Gold, Silver or Eagle meal plans or we will add an extra $50 of Caf Cash when you purchase a Commuter 50 meal plan. For more information please check our website and click on "Meal Plans" — if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dining Services at 803/323-2119.

Hope to see you dining on campus this spring!

Important Dates

Sunday, February 7

Superbowl Watch Party 6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. in DiGiorgio Campus Center (Richardson Ballroom B)

Monday, February 29

Interim grades become available through Wingspan

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