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April Edition

Wear Garnet and Gold on April 5 for Worldwide Winthrop Day!

Show your Winthrop pride on April 5 by wearing a Winthrop T-shirt or other apparel to celebrate the fourth annual Worldwide Winthrop Day. This popular day brings admitted high school students to campus for a visit and gives Winthrop alumni, students, parents and friends a chance to show their Winthrop pride. Participants are encouraged to e-mail photos of themselves in Winthrop gear or to post the photos to Winthrop's Facebook page. Look for more information about Worldwide Winthrop Day on Facebook.

Tips for Successful Finals

Spring break has come and gone for students, and it is time for them to think about final exams. Final exam week begins on Wednesday, April 30, and ends on Tuesday, May 6. The final exam schedule is different from your student's normal class itinerary. You and your student can find the exam schedule here. Study Day is Tuesday, April 29. No classes are held, so students may begin studying for finals.

There are a number of steps that your student can use to prepare for final exams. The P.O.W.E.R. method is a great place to start: Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate, Re-Think.


What will be on the final exam? Is it going to be comprehensive and cover all material in the semester, or is it an exam that covers only part of the semester? Before your student can begin to study, he or she needs to know where to focus that studying.

If the professor has not given information about the final exam yet, encourage your student to make an appointment with the professor to find out what will be covered on the exam. Additionally, many professors host exam review sessions for students.

Once the focus for the exam is established, it is time to begin the actual preparation; studying. The second step in the P.O.W.E.R. method is very helpful for this, organization and being organized.


It is advantageous for your student to prepare a planner for exam week because exams can be held on different days and at different times from their normal schedule.

Step two is appropriately grouping material covered in the class (group by chapter, section, division, or theme.) Re-arrange lecture notes into easily-remembered sections. Find all graded material from the class and place that graded material in the appropriate section. When it is time to actually begin studying, having organized material will make that task easier.

Once your student knows what material to study and has grouped material accordingly, the actual work of studying begins. Prior to exams, you may wish to send your student a "care package" with healthy snacks to enjoy while studying.


Study groups are beneficial in helping students retain information.

Drop-in tutoring during exam week is available through the Academic Success Center. Have your student visit our website for more information.

Have your student "self-test" to see what concepts need additional review.

Each student is different, so the work involved in studying will be different. Help your student stay calm and not be distracted by phone calls, e-mails, and texts.


Evaluate the material missed on tests and the self-tests your student prepares. Why was the material missed or answered incorrectly? What can help your student remember the correct approach? By evaluating missed material and re-thinking his or her approach to the material, your student can be more successful during final exams.

These tips will help your student successfully P.O.W.E.R. through finals week!

Registering for Fall Classes

April is already here, and that means it's time to register for fall classes.  If your student is a new freshman or transfer this semester, this will be a new experience:  no sitting in a computer lab with 50 other new students, surrounded by Orientation personnel to help.  So, what does he or she do?

The first step to a successful registration is to be advised.  All degree-seeking students must meet with their academic advisor in order to be cleared to register.  Advising began March 26 and lasts for two weeks.  Summer registration also began on this day but does not require advisement. The student should look through the course offerings found in Wingspan and on the Records and Registration page  to plan their fall schedule.  The student should also be prepared to discuss their academic plan with their advisor.  DegreeWorks, the online degree progress system, clearly lays out the student's degree requirements with what he or she has completed and what he or she has yet to complete.

Second, the student should make sure he or she has no "holds" on his or her account.  Are there any outstanding financial balances?  Has he or she provided the Center for Student Wellness with appropriate immunization information?  Students can view all holds via their Wingspan account.  The student will be unable to register until all registration holds are removed.

Third, the student should make note of their time assignment.  Because Winthrop cannot register 6000 students at the same time, times are staggered throughout a six-day period.  Graduate students and seniors register first.  Freshmen are on the last day.

Finally, what does your student do if they cannot register for several of their classes because they are already full?  The student should always have alternate classes picked out, but if that doesn't work, he or she can contact the department chairperson to request an override.  Your student should keep in mind that other students change their schedules all the time and seats may become available later in the summer.

The Registrar will send an e-mail to all students and place an announcement on Wingspan before registration begins that will outline all the items above.  We understand that the registration process can sometimes be a frustrating time for students, and the Office of Records and Registration is available to assist your student with this.  Please make sure your student understands they can call, e-mail, or come by the office for any issues they may be having. 

Students Can Register Now!  The Winthrop Summer Advantage

Students enjoy many benefits through Winthrop's summer course offerings, beginning with the flexibility provided by the more than 60 fully online summer offerings that can be taken from anywhere.  Many students also enjoy the benefits of residing on campus during the summer, taking advantage of Winthrop's campus amenities. Students on campus can take a combination of on-campus and online courses. 

Completing a prerequisite in the summer for a fall course or making progress on a change in major can speed up a student's path to completion, helping students to graduate on time or graduate early!

Doing well in a summer course, or a few summer courses, can help students retain or regain their LIFE Scholarship.  Our expert financial aid advisors can assist students in understanding exactly what they need to retain their LIFE Scholarship. Students should call 803/323-2189 or e-mail for more information.  LIFE Scholarship information is also available online.

Taking just a few courses during the summer enables students to put more time and focus into each course.  Some students use this opportunity to replace a grade by retaking a course.  In either case, good summer grades can positively improve a student's cumulative GPA.

If these reasons weren't enough, summer tuition for in-state students, per credit hour/per course, is significantly reduced from fall/spring tuition rates so that students can save money during the summer session. 

Registration for Winthrop's Summer Session is open now!  Students should enroll as soon as possible to save their seat-whether real or virtual!  Visit our website for more information.

May 2014 Commencement Ceremony

Winthrop University's May 2014 Undergraduate Commencement exercises is scheduled for Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 11 a.m. at the Winthrop Coliseum. All May 2014 graduates are invited to participate!  The procession will begin promptly at 10:50 a.m.

Degree candidates should report to the check-in area, located just inside the north entrance of the Coliseum, in academic cap and gown between 9:15 and 10 a.m. Please note that all students must be in proper graduation attire: black robes, black caps with garnet and gold tassel.  (Ladies do not have to wear the white collar which may come with the gown.) Caps may not be decorated and only Winthrop-issued honor cords may be worn. Sorority/fraternity stoles may not be worn over the gown during the ceremony. You may purchase your cap, gown and tassel at the Winthrop Bookstore.

Family and guests of the degree candidates are invited to enter the Coliseum through the upper concourse level and be seated by 10:40 a.m. Parking for the ceremony is available on university property only. Those who park off of university property may be towed.  Guests are asked not to bring balloons into the coliseum. Balloons obstruct views and make it difficult to see the graduates.

The Commencement ceremony will be video streamed on the web. There will be a link on the Winthrop University homepage on the day of Commencement with the link to the stream and instructions for optimal viewing.

For more information regarding the May 2014 Commencement ceremony please visit our website.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call the Office of Records and Registration at 803/323-2194.

April Dates to Remember

Early Registration Begins 4/9

Last Class 4/28

Study Day 4/29

Finals 4/30-5/6


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