Emergency Response Plans

Level 1: Telephone System Malfunction

Department: Information Technology / Telecommunications

Departmental Emergency Contact: Patrice Bruneau

A. Purpose:

In the event of widespread telephone failure, the Telecommunications department will determine if alternate electronic means are available for communications and also will work with appropriate parties to bring telephone services back online.

B. Priorities:

Emergency communications are important during any critical event. If telephone services are disrupted, the telecommunications department will first work toward assuring emergency communications are available. Telecommunications staff will determine if E-911 capabilities exist via landlines or cell phones. If E-911 capabilities do not exist, staff will coordinate with the Winthrop University Police Department to use alternate forms of communications, including the external phone line at the Winthrop University Police Department, police radio systems, and the satellite phone housed at the Winthrop University Police Department.

Once emergency communications procedures have been established, telecommunications staff will work to restore telephone services to further assist in emergency communications and to bring academic and business functions back to normal operating conditions (in order of priority):

  1. Internal campus dialing shall be restored to all individuals and offices to allow them to communicate with each other and to allow the Winthrop University Police Department to be dialed.
  2. External dialing for E-911 shall be restored via separately provided external B1 circuits.
  3. External dialing to local phone trunks shall be restored.
  4. All remaining phone services, including toll-free and long distance shall be restored.

The Winthrop University Police Department, CIMT leadership, and the Provost will be informed of the status and all changes in status regarding telephone services. Whenever possible and without interference with other activities, the campus should be informed through non-emergency channels of the status of telephone services.

C. Expectations for Employees:

All telecommunications staff members are considered essential when responding to widespread telephone failure. All telecommunications employees will be expected to report to campus or be on call during such an incident. In addition, the Assistant Vice President for Computing & Information Technology should either be on campus or remain apprised of the situation throughout the entire incident.

If necessary, third party contractors will be contacted to provide additional assistance to restore services.

If the telephone failure is the result of an overriding incident (such as fire, weather, earthquake, etc.), the parties responsible for managing the overriding incident will determine if and when it is safe for telecommunications staff to report for duty to address the telephone failure.

In the case of widespread electricity loss, portable diesel must be provided to fill the Tillman Data Center generator on an ongoing basis. Facilities Management already provides this service and must be on standby to provide fuel.

D. Communications:

The following contact information will be used to contact staff. Contact the Winthrop University Police Department to establish after-hours contact with the personnel below.

E. Responsibility and Control:

The Director of Technology Services has the authority to make decisions regarding the use of university resources to address issues in this plan. The Director of Technology Services will supervise operations. In the absence of the Director of Technology Services, the Assistant Vice President for Computing and Information Technology will supervise operations.

In the absence of any supervisory positions identified above, the Telecommunications Engineer will assume responsibility and manage resources to accomplish the goals of this plan.

All telecommunications personnel will be on call for the duration of an outage covered under this plan. Technicians may be called on site for wiring and other technical duties.

F. Emergency and Training Plans:

  • The Winthrop University Police Department will be trained to use the satellite phone by telecommunications staff.
  • The Winthrop University Police Department will be trained on the use of alternate communications methods, including the outside telephone line, cell phones, radio systems, etc.
  • Training for the campus in general is not necessary in preparation for widespread telephone failure.