Student Affairs Updates

    This information is sent on behalf of Barnes & Noble College regarding the campus bookstore. Please note additional information regarding commencement regalia and textbook returns on the COVID-19 FAQs page.

    Dear Winthrop Campus Community,

    I wanted to provide you with an update on the status of your bookstore in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    On Tuesday, March 24th, we closed our Barnes & Noble College campus stores to best protect the health and well-being of our employees, students and campus communities. While we had originally planned to reopen our stores on Monday, April 6th, continued developments in the spread of COVID-19 have led us to re-evaluate our plans.

    Your bookstore will remain temporarily closed to the public. We will continue to follow federal, state and your campus guidelines for an appropriate re-opening date for the stores.

    If you choose to move your summer sessions online, we are ready to support online course material selection and delivery. Our supply chain capabilities allow us to continue servicing your students from our warehouse in Columbia, Missouri. There will be NO interruption in service for students this summer.

    We have extended the grace period for rental returns through the first week of Fall classes. We will not be charging any students who were unable to return their books in time.

    We remain open for business online through our ecommerce site and mobile app - with free shipping for all orders.

    We will continue to monitor this situation in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines and work closely with you on any individual campus needs for service and support.

    We sincerely appreciate your partnership as we all make important decisions to ensure the safety of our communities during this difficult time. Stay safe,   

    Lisa Malat
    President, Barnes & Noble College

    The Winthrop University Post Office will begin forwarding student mail this week. Your mail will be forwarded to the off campus, local address that you provided in Wingspan. If an off campus address is not specified, your mail will go to your permanent address.


    If you do NOT want your mail forwarded to your permanent address, BUT still want it forwarded,  please logon to Wingspan and put any address in the U.S. in the off campus, local address field. Please DO NOT change the permanent address or take out your PO Box, just add an off campus, local address.

    Students who want to continue to receive mail at their current PO Boxes, within the DiGiorgio Campus Center, should contract Christina Childers via e-mail at or by calling 803/323-2293.

    Just a reminder that students have access to their PO Boxes 24/7 in the Campus Center by swiping their Winthrop ID at the ground level, outside doors near the Post Office. Please remember to use CDC recommended practices including using the provided sanitizer as soon you enter the Post Office.

    Stay safe out there!

    Dear Resident,

    As promised in our residence hall communication to you on Friday, this e-mail will provide details of residence hall move out. Move out will be a staggered process with a priority of maintaining proper social distancing. You will need to sign up for a move out time. Each move out time slot provides a 3-hour window to arrive back to campus, pack up and move out your belongings, return your room key, and leave campus. Below is a link that will take you to the app for scheduling your move-out time. The schedule runs from Tuesday, March 24 through Saturday, 28 for move-out. It is imperative for the health and wellness of our campus community that you abide by the time you selected and confirmed. If you show up outside of the time you selected, you may be turned away. All exterior doors will be locked without resident access and includes Roddey and Courtyard residents.

    Sign up Here for a move out time: Residence Hall

    Important things to note:

    • You may ONLY bring with you two people to assist with your move-out. This is to ensure we are reducing exposure risks and promoting social distancing. Individuals who are sick, autoimmune compromised or the elderly should not assist with move-out.
    • You are strongly encouraged to bring your own moving dollies/carts and boxes. Moving bins will not be available, in order to reduce the possibility of exposure to the virus.
    • Upon arrival to campus, check in at your hall office and then proceed to your room. You will then need to collect and pack up your belongings, empty your refrigerator, dispose of trash in the dumpsters outside the building, and return your key to a designated area in each residence hall. Residents CANNOT leave any belongings behind in any case.
    • Residents who are currently quarantined, sick, or autoimmune compromised may designate one person to collect their belongings and return their key. Residents who elect to do this must e-mail the name, contact information, and relationship to from their Winthrop e-mail. If you do not have a designee, please e-mail the Department of Residence Life to make alternate arrangements.
    • To forward your mail, go to Wingspan and update your local address. The Winthrop University Post Office will forward mail to that address.
    • Lofts: If you leased or rented a loft from Timbernest, leave it assembled in your room. Look out for an e-mail from Timbernest for details. If you purchased a loft from Timbernest, you are expected to move it out along with your other possessions.

    If you live a substantial distance from campus, you are under quarantine, and/or you live in a state which has instituted “Shelter in Place Orders” and cannot get back to campus within the timeframe given, please e-mail the Department of Residence Life at to make alternate arrangements.

    Thank you for your flexibility and understanding throughout this process and stay safe!

    This information was sent to all resident students from Residence Life to prepare students for moving out of the residence halls:

    As announced on March 19, 2020, by President Hynd, Winthrop University will be extending remote learning for the duration of the semester. Residence Life is developing a plan for residents to return to campus to collect their belongings and return their room key. This plan is being created with CDC recommendations for social distancing as a priority to ensure the health and safety of the campus community.

    Please do not show up unannounced to gather your personal belongings. It is very important that you adhere to this request. Residence Life does not have the proper staffing in place for this process yet. Students will not have access to their residence hall and will be told to return home. This includes Courtyard and Roddey residents.

    Our plan will consist of a staggered move-out process with residents selecting the date and window of time in which they will return to campus. Information about the staggered move-out process will be sent to your Winthrop University e-mail. Please continue to monitor your e-mail frequently.

    We thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this time.

    Center for Student Wellness posted this information for students on the website today.

    The Office of Accessibility has the following to share regarding Accessible Online Classes.

    Residence Life today sent information to all resident students with additional details on the closing of residence halls. Lee Wicker, Margaret Nance, Phelps, Richardson, Thomson, and Wofford residents received this information, while Courtyard and Roddey residents received this information.

    Residence Life shared some ways to encourage good health while living on campus in messaging that went to all resident students. That information also was posted to their website.