Safety Tips

Active Shooter Awareness

Classroom Information Guide

Active shooter incidents are becoming more frequent in our country and on our college and university campuses.

Should such an incident occur, the instructor is asked to assist in keeping our students safe. There will be panic and confusion during such an incident. However, it is important to remain calm and follow the listed guidelines below. These guidelines can be completed in any order or by any designee assisting faculty in securing the classroom.

Get Out

  • If you decide to flee, make sure you can do it safely and have an escape route and plan in mind.

Call Out

  • Call the Winthrop University Police Department at 803/323-3333 or 911.

Hide Out

  • Get everyone to lie down away from windows or "fields of fire."
  • Silence cell phones, close blinds, turn off lights, stay on floor, and do not peek out doors or windows.
  • Spread out; huddling together makes for a better target.
  • If in a hallway, look for an unlocked room to hide in.

Help Out

  • Identify those that may need assistance and help them.
  • Identify individuals before an emergency occurs and have a plan to assist.

Keep Out

  • Lock classroom doors if possible. If doors cannot be locked, barricade with desks or tables.
  • Do not pull fire alarms or evacuate rooms or buildings unless directed by emergency responders.
  • Follow Alertus directions on building beacons and computer monitor pop-up messages. Critical incident monitors have been trained to notify classroom occupants. 

Take Out

  • Taking out the threat should be considered the very last resort when there is absolutely no other opportunity for escape or survival.
  • You must be committed to this action.