Winthrop University: Emergency Information - RHP - Nuclear Accident
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Emergency Response Plans

Residence Hall Plan: Nuclear Accident

Annex: Nuclear Accident Response Plan

Department: Residence Life

Departmental Emergency Contact: Campus Police

A. Purpose:

The purpose of this plan is to establish the policy and procedures to be followed in the event of a notification that a nuclear accident has occurred.

B. Priorities:

In the event Campus Police notifies the Department of Residence Life that a nuclear accident has occurred, the Residence Life staff will work with Campus Police to convey information and instructions to residence hall students.

C. Expectations for Employees and Students:

In the event of a nuclear accident notification, Residence Life staff should respond according to the information provided by the ALERTUS Emergency System (building beacons and computer monitor pop-up messages).

  1. Evacuate the building when instructed by Campus Police using "Building Evacuation Plan."
  2. Activate the Residence Life "Crisis Communication Plan."
  3. Await further instructions from Campus Police or the ALERTUS Emergency System.

D. Communications:

Immediate communications will be made through the ALERTUS or WU Alert notification systems whenever possible. Other notification systems may be employed as well.

The Residence Life "Crisis Communication Plan" will be activated.

Residence Life, 803/323-2223

E. Responsibility and Control:

Emergency responders will have total control of the scene. Residence Life staff will respond as requested.

F. Emergency and Training Plans:

Review and be familiar with the Residence Life "Building Evacuation Plan" and "Crisis Communication Plan."

Last Updated: 7/13/22