Winthrop University: Emergency Information - ERP Level 2 - Major Emergency
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WU AlertRegister your cell or landline phone number today for emergency notification. This number will be used by the university for critical notifications in the event of emergencies, critical weather, or unplanned university closings. Registering for Winthrop's text and/or voice messaging is quick and easy - and it just might save your life.


Landline - 3333
Cell phone - 803/323-3333
Call box - Push button for
   Campus Police

   LINE: 803/323-2222


Emergency Response Plans

Level 2: Major Emergency

A level two incident is a major emergency that disrupts sizeable portions of university property, community, or activities. Level two incidents may require assistance from external organizations. These events may escalate quickly and have serious consequences for mission-critical functions and/or life-safety. Upon verification of a level two incident, some or all of the members of the Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) are convened to evaluate the scope of the incident, to coordinate essential services, and to provide emergency information.

Examples of level two incidents include:

  • severe flooding
  • major chemical spill
  • extensive utility outage
  • building fire or other major structural damage
  • external emergency that may have an impact on university personnel or operations

Last Updated: 7/13/22