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Landline - 3333
Cell phone - 803/323-3333
Call box - Push button for
   Campus Police

   LINE: 803/323-2222


Emergency Response Plans

Residence Hall Plan: Fire

Annex: Fire/Fire Drill/False Alarm Response Plan

Department: Residence Life

Departmental Emergency Contact: Campus Police

A. Purpose:

The purpose of this plan is to establish the policy and procedures to be followed in the event of a fire, false alarm, or fire drill in the residence halls.

B. Priorities:

In the event of a fire, false alarm, or fire drill the Residence Life staff will activate the "Building Evacuation Plan."

C. Expectations for Employees and Students:

In the event of a fire, false alarm, or fire drill, the Residence Life staff will:

  1. Sound the alarm.
  2. Call Campus Police at 323-3333. They will notify the Fire Department.
    • Give your name, full title, and the name of your residence hall.
    • Inform Campus Police of the nature and location of the fire.
  3. Gather radios, keys, and flashlights.
  4. Activate the Residence Life "Crisis Communication Plan."
  5. Implement the exact fire procedure specific to your building.
  6. Activate the "Building Evacuation Plan."
  7. Under no circumstances should a Resident Assistant try to be a hero. If fire and smoke are too intense, leave the floor immediately and let the firefighters check the rooms.

D. Communications:

Immediate communications will be made through the ALERTUS or WU Alert notification systems whenever possible. Other notification systems may be employed as well.

The Residence Life "Crisis Communication Plan" will be activated.

Residence Life, 803/323-2223

E. Responsibility and Control:

Residence Life staff will have control of the students in the residence halls. Once an emergency responder arrives on scene, control will shift and Residence Life staff will assist as directed.

F. Emergency and Training Plans:

  • Know the location of your fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations.
  • Review and be familiar with the Residence Life sheltering areas appropriate for earthquakes, "Building Evacuation Plan" and "Crisis Communication Plan."
  • Set up your internal procedures and check in system with your Resident Assistants.
  • Know your fire zone number.
  • Meet the firefighters and Campus Police at your designated staff meeting location.
  • Each Resident Assistant needs to establish an area for the floor to meet once they have evacuated the building. Make sure the meeting place is no less that 100 feet from the building and away from any fire hydrants and the Master Fire Alarm Box.
  • Each residence hall is to hold two fire drills each semester

Last Updated: 7/13/22