Winthrop University: Eagle STEM Scholars Program - Stahl, Leigha

Scholar Experience

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Name: Leigha Stahl

Major: Biology

Stahl, LeighaMy name is Leigha Stahl. I am a senior biology major at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I was born in Columbus, Ohio, on January 3, 1995. Since I arrived in Greenville, I have become a third degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do and a student who is committed to excellence. In 2013, I graduated from Greenville Technical Charter High School with 48 credit hours toward my college degree as a result of my school's dual enrollment program. Concerning my academic pursuits, I am interested in natural medicine, botany, genetics, nutrition, and biomedical research. Additionally, I am considering careers in the medical/health field such as becoming a physical therapist, doctor, pediatrician, or specialist. Even though my future plans are uncertain, I hope to attend graduate school and earn my masters and/or doctorate degree. My overall goal is to help people maintain or regain health so that they can live more fully. Whether I aid people or indirectly, I want to encourage and serve others. Besides caring for people, I have a passion for nature. I would love to explore more about ecosystems and especially coastal environments. Aside from my future plans, I love combing the beach for shells, hiking through the mountains, and reading interesting novels. One of my favorite motto's consists of the following: "If you feel blue, paint yourself another color."

Last Updated: 8/1/19