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Name: Mikala Rashai Smith

Major: Chemistry

Smith, MikalaMy full name is Mikala Rashai Smith. I was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. I was born a "cancer" person, according to the horoscope, on June 25, 1995. While growing up, I went through a lot of changes. I had braces since the 8th grade and just had them removed this summer in July. It is an irony of how the one thing in the world changed my favorite color from red to teal is the one thing I hated wearing because of the limit on certain food I could not eat. I also went through a lot of phases growing up. I blame the influence of books and music for that. I went through a rock phase, which is why pretty much all of my shoes are converses, and I went through a gothic phase. I now enjoy gothic rock music the best.

I grew up playing the viola in my school orchestra. It is weird how now that I don't have the obligation to play it since it is not required to do fine arts for at least a year, I miss playing my instrument. Being in orchestra has changed me greatly too. Playing different genres of music, I often look them up and figured out where they come from since some comes from soundtracks off of movies. I now have great appreciation for the fine arts. That appreciation was deepen during a 10 day field trip to California the summer before my senior year. My school's orchestra always went somewhere, usually in Europe and Asia, every three years. My year was supposed to go to New Zealand and Australia but the economy was still recovering. Nonetheless, I immensely enjoyed my stay.

Summer after 7th grade, I became a pro flyer. I like to fly planes now. My favorite airline is Delta. Every year since 7th grade, during the summer, I have always flown somewhere. My first time was to Oklahoma to visit my uncle and family since they came back from either China or Japan. It was so long ago, I can hardly remember. Of course, they moved to Maryland and now I visit during Thanksgiving break. Starting the summer after 8th grade, I went to Jamaica. Memories are stuck in my head because they were one times experiences each visit. During my first visit, while riding a banana boat, I was thrown into the ocean after hitting a giant wave. It was a good laughing experience. The second year, I kissed a dolphin and snorkeled with sting rays. My third year, it was the entertainment crew that branded that time my most favorable.

Last Updated: 7/13/22