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Name: Cobe Reid

Major: Mathematics

My name is JacoCobe Reidbe Reid but within my cohort I am known as the marvelous Coco. I am from a small town between Rock Hill and Columbia named Carlisle, SC which is located in Fairfield County. Although I live in Fairfield County, I graduated from Chester Senior High School and was able to attend due to my mother being employed by the district. I chose Winthrop due to the prestigious teaching program that I heard so much about during my schooling. While attending Winthrop University, I will be majoring in mathematics with a minor in educational studies. I also plan to obtain my MAT by taking advantage of the one year accelerated program that Winthrop offers. My plan is to teach on the middle level and eventually move my way up the chains into administration as long as I do not get attached to teaching. I am excited about what my future holds and cannot wait until its within reach.

Last Updated: 1/9/23