Winthrop University: Eagle STEM Scholars Program - Poppell, Julia

Scholar Experience

Scholar Profile

Name: Julia Poppell

Major: Math

Poppell, JuliaI was born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 28, 1995 and moved to Beaufort, South Carolina my freshman year of high school. I attended Battery Creek High School for my first two years and Beaufort High School for my last two years. I graduated from Beaufort High School. Throughout high school, I was involved in the drama club, student government (sophomore class vice president), and the Beaufort High School Voices (choir). I lettered in soccer during my sophomore year of high school and was a member of the Beaufort High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. I participated in community service events, such as volunteering at CAPA (Child Abuse Prevent Association) and many others. I attended Seaside Vineyard Fellowship and was a helper and eventually a teacher in the children's church. I also participated in Young Life, a Christian youth organization for high school students. I chose Winthrop University not only for its reputation for having high merit, but also for the emphasis the university places on cultural diversity. I am currently a chemistry major, but may at some point switch to chemistry. I would like to minor in religious studies and hopefully study abroad at some point during my college years.

Last Updated: 7/13/22