Winthrop University: Eagle STEM Scholars Program - Murray, Briana

Scholar Experience

Scholar Profile

Name: Briana Murray

Major: Chemistry / Biochemistry


 "I am currently a fourth year PhD student at the University of Florida in the Biomedical Sciences Program with a focus in Biochemistry.  My research pertains to drug development for triple negative breast cancer by targeting carbonic anhydrase ix, a protein over-expressed in this aggressive cancer type.  I also sit on the executive board of the Black Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) here at UF as the Graduate Research Impact Chair where I am responsible for highlighting research done by diverse students across campus.  In an effort to undertake these responsibilities, I organized two successful Diversity Graduate Research Symposiums with the help of 5 other graduate students.  Starting my college career as an Eagle STEM Scholar helped me maintain a balance between research and extracurricular activities, by creating a community of students that all strived to be well-rounded individuals.  The Eagle STEM Scholars Program did a great job enabling and motivating me to pursue higher education and I don't know where I would be without it." 

Last Updated: 7/13/22