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Name: Mason Mattison

Major: Chemistry

Mason Mattison

 “My name is Mason Mattison and I am in the 2019 Eagle Stem Cohort. I switch from majoring in Exercise Science to Chemistry during the summer bridge program. I graduated from Ware Shoals High. I was in marching band for four years playing percussion, soccer for two years, and theater my last year in high school. I want to start working in water desalination and cleaning waste water. I enjoy playing guitar, as well as, singing, cooking, writing, exercising and just learning in general. I also love working with my hands and working on projects that require me to think out of the box. My biggest accomplishments are being 3rd in my class, being accepted in the Honors Program here at Winthrop, as well as the Eagle Stem Program. My next accomplishment will be getting my Ph. D and making a change in the world one day.”  

Last Updated: 1/9/23