Winthrop University: Eagle STEM Scholars Program - Lewis, Jomar

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Name: Jomar Lewis

Major: Biology


Jomar Lewis

My name is Jomar Lewis.  I am from Orangeburg, South Carolina.  I graduated from High School for Health Professions.  I was a member of the marching, jazz, and concert bands for all four years of high school.  I was member of "Disciples of Dissonance," which was the  highest   level jazz band at our school.  I was also co-section leader for the saxophone section my junior and senior years.  I played on the varsity baseball team.  I was an active member in HOSA and my biomedical debate team placed at the regional level and represented South Carolina on an international level my sophomore and junior years.  I also joined "The Highlight Society" (male organization that focused on brotherhood, scholarship, leadership, and manhood).  During my senior year, I was a paid tutor for my school.  I tutored freshmen and sophomore students in math, science, and English.  I was able to take AP and honors courses and maintain a 4.7 GPA.  I graduated 4th in my graduation class in June of 2018 and came to Winthrop University this fall.

Last Updated: 7/13/22