Winthrop University: Eagle STEM Scholars Program - Hall, Katja

Scholar Experience

Scholar Profile

Name: Katja Hall

Major: Chemistry


 I graduated from Winthrop in May 2016 with a B. S. in Chemistry and an ACS Certified concentration in Forensics.  After graduating, I started research in the lab of Dr. Ken Marcus at Clemson University before beginning my graduate studies in the department.  Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Chemistry under the advisorship of Dr. Marcus. My research focuses on the development of analytical instrumentation for rapid in-field analysis with comparable sensitivity to typical laboratory instruments but for a fraction of the price.  My dissertation work seeks to develop at-reactor mass spectromery methods to quantify trace metals in cell culture media.  I have also performed imaging studies, developed methods for rapid nanoparticle quantification, and am currently developing a mass spectrometry method for the detection of pre-concentrated uranium species for nuclear non-proliferation purposes.  After graduation, I hope to continue method development work either in industry or at a national lab. 

Last Updated: 7/13/22