Winthrop University: Eagle STEM Scholars Program - Combs, Natalie

Scholar Experience

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Name: Natalie Combs

Major:  Chemistry

Combs, Natalie

My name is Natalie Combs and I am from Columbia, SC.  I am a Chemistry major with a minor in Physics.  My hope is to get my PhD and have a career in Astrophysics.  I was home schooled throughout most of my schooling, and I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given. It allowed me to devote more time to my other passions.  I have been playing soccer my entire life as well as doing karate and playing music. I play six different instruments as well as song write.  My proudest accomplishment is my earning my black belt in American karate.  Here at Winthrop, I play on the club soccer team and plan to join the orchestra here as well.  Winthrop provides me with so many opportunities and I am excited to see what my future here at Winthrop holds!


Last Updated: 7/13/22