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Giving Priorities

Support for Endowment

Creating an Endowment

Winthrop’s top endowment priorities include: increasing student scholarships, both need- and talent-based scholarships and endowed funds to support faculty and research experiences. Winthrop’s doors are open to students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including first-generation college students.

This inclusive ideal enriches the entire campus community and enables remarkable young men and women to pursue their dreams.
By contributing to the endowment, you strengthen the permanent capital of Winthrop. Your gift establishes an enduring legacy that will benefit students and faculty in perpetuity. Endowed gifts strengthen Winthrop in several ways:

  • Endowment dollars for scholarships give Winthrop the resources to compete for the best students. Financial aid remains the single greatest challenge for Winthrop students as they seek to temper the expense of tuition with generous scholarships.
  • Endowment funds give Winthrop the means to be more competitive with peer institutions for the best faculty. Endowed named professorships, for instance, bring leading scholars and researchers to Winthrop who invigorate the entire academic enterprise with their expertise.
  • Endowment funds build our scholarly and research reputation by providing exceptional faculty with top-notch facilities, including laboratory space in the sciences, performance spaces in the arts, access to libraries and archives in the social sciences, and travel funding.
  • Because a portion of an endowed gift is invested, the larger the university’s endowment, the more income can be generated to ensure institutional vitality well into the future.
  • An endowed fund can be established with a minimum commitment of $15,000. You may leave a legacy to Winthrop in your name, in the name of a beloved faculty member, or another select person when you endow a professorship. Endowed scholarships begin at $25,000 and endowed professorships start at $500,000.

Funding an Endowment

Endowments can be funded through a three- to five-year pledge period. The donor can choose to pay the pledge monthly, quarterly, or annually. Donors can make a gift by credit card, check or through stocks.

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, or other securities allow a substantial gift to Winthrop at minimal cost resulting in a tax deduction based on the value of the security on the date of the gift. With long-term appreciated securities (those held longer than 12 months), a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair-market value of your gift will be granted and capital gains tax on the appreciation avoided.

Naming Opportunities

Scholarships and Student Support
Full-Tuition Scholarship  $500,000
Graduate Fellowships  $100,000
Research Fund  $100,000
Scholarship  $25,000
Other Named Funds  $25,000
Division, Program, or Area
College, School, or Division $5,000,000
Department $2,000,000
Center/Program/Institute $1,000,000
Faculty Support
Endowed Distinguished Chair $2,000,000
Endowed Chair $1,500,000
Endowed Distinguished Professorship $1,000,000
Endowed Visiting Professorship $1,000,000
Endowed Professorship $500,000
Endowed Fellowship $200,000
Lecture or Performance Series
Endowed Performance Series $1,000,000
Endowed Distinguished Lecture Series $1,000,000
Endowed Lecture Series $150,000
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