The Minor

Minors in both theatre and dance are offered. These programs are designed to give the student a well-rounded introduction to either theatre or dance. Theatre minors are welcome and encouraged to participate in all the department's activities, including courses, auditions, crews and student organizations. 

The minor in theatre consists of 18 semester hours:

Required Courses:

Students acting in a production on stage

  • THRT 110: Introduction to Design (3)
  • THRA 180: Theatre Practicum:  Running Crew (0)
  • THRT 115: Introduction to Production (3)
  • THRT 210: Script Analysis (3)
  • THRA 120: Acting I (3)
  • And 6 credit hours of THRA or THRT numbered above 299.  

It is important to note that a course may not be used to fulfill the hour requirements of more than one major or minor.