Mission Statement

The mission of the theatre program is to foster individual students' aesthetic, intellectual, and creative development within the context of a liberal arts education as they pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Theatre Program Goals 

1. To provide a developmentally sequenced curriculum of studio and theory courses that exposes students to a breadth of skills, knowledge, and critical thinking about the creative processes of theatre and the nature of the theatrical event.
2. To develop basic knowledge of the major authors, periods, movements, ideas, and trends in drama and theatre.
3. To nurture artistic leadership and understanding of production processes through opportunities to perform, direct, teach, design, and stage manage.
4. To promote collaborative experiences that develop students' communication skills, appreciation of diversity, and flexibility in all artistic and interdisciplinary endeavors.
5. To develop advanced competence in one or more theatre specializations (performance, design/technical, K-12 certification).