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Fast Facts


    • You must earn a "C-" or better in WRIT 101, HMXP 102, CRTW 201 by the time you have completed 75 earned hours.


    • All Winthrop students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours above 299.


    • PLSC 201 or ECON 103 or HIST 211 must be taken to fulfill Winthrop's Constitutional Requirement. If you take HIST 211 as your Constitution course, you must take an additional 6 credits of approved Social Science. Only PLSC 201 and ECON 103 double count as Social Science and Constitution.


    • ACAD 101 is required for all first time entering freshman.


    • You are required to attend three cultural events for every 20 hours completed at Winthrop, not to exceed 18 events. 


    • Major Requirements: Check the Winthrop University Catalog for specific requirements. Please note that "not more than 36 semester hours in any one subject designator may be applied toward the major for a Bachelor of Arts degree. A student may elect to apply up to an additional 6 semester hours in the same subject designator toward general electives, general education distribution requirements, or a minor with the exception of the social sciences minor, unless limited by the major program. 


    • Minor Requirements: Only B.A. degree programs require a minor. B.F.A. programs do not require a minor. Specific requirements for minors are located on pages 135-140 in the 2015-16 Winthrop University Catalog.


    • General Electives: Some majors permit the student to take a large number of electives (e.g. over 30 hours) while other programs have no electives. Please check the Winthrop University Catalog before enrolling for an elective. 


Last Updated: 1/27/23