Theatre and Dance

Student Handbook

Welcome to Winthrop University and the Department of Theatre and Dance Student Handbook. This handbook is intended to supplement the Winthrop University Undergraduate Catalog and the Student Handbook published by the Division of Student Life. It contains department policies that theatre and dance majors should know as well as useful information about the program. This is a live, online information source. All information and policy statements contained in this Handbook are in effect as soon as they are posted and supersede all policies stated in previous online or printed editions of the Student Handbook of the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Table of Contents

Dance Minor
Dance Program PoliciesDegree Programs 
Department Policies
Injury Prevention
Johnson Hall Policies  
Mission Statement
Policies for Dancers
Production Policies
Production Program
Safety/Security Policy
Scholarships & Awards
Student Organizations
Student Work Policies-Dance
Student Work Policies-Theatre 
Student Designer Expectations for Student Works 
Student Stage Manager Expectations for Student Works  
Student Self-Reflections for Departmental Productions
Theatre Minor
Winthrop Dance Theatre Policies
Winthrop Dance Theatre Stage Manager's Manual 
Winthrop Theatre Stage Manager's Manual