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M.F.A. in Art and Design

In the ever-changing global experience, Winthrop's Department of Fine Arts acknowledges the importance of developing and nurturing the citizen artist who can navigate ideas of our time. The M.F.A. Program is about more than being versed in only one discipline. Although a candidate might select from one of the areas of concentration including General Studio, Painting, Sculpture or Crafts, he or she will be expected to address a broad range of possibilities for communicating visually and conceptually within our contemporary environment on campus and beyond.

The M.F.A. Program at Winthrop is about developing and nurturing the artist. It is about creatively, community and collaboration.

  • The program provides a supportive environment and community for highly-motivated students, who are intent on advanced, independent studies in their field.
  • The program provides a critical dialogue from instructors who espouse a broad outlook and represent varied points of view.
  • The program selects students for their creative and intellectual involvement, their creative promise, and their ability to share in the learning process with their peers and the faculty.
  • The program expects M.F.A. candidates to have already begun to develop an independent and mature direction in their work before beginning the program.
  • The program expects the M.F.A. graduate to exhibit professional studio competence; to organize, evaluate, and interpret knowledge; to possess the ability to address, explore, and resolve pertinent issues; and to continue a demonstrated commitment to the visual arts.

To find our more about the M.F.A. Program and the Department of Fine Arts at Winthrop University, you may want to schedule a tour with us. You may also want to sit in on a graduate class, meet current M.F.A. candidates, talk to our teaching artists and scholars or see the work that students and faculty are producing at Winthrop. Please do not hesitate to find out more and make an informed decision about your future as an artist in the 21st Century.

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