Winthrop University: CVPA Faculty and Staff Profile - Simmons, Seymour

Name:  Seymour Simmons
Title:  Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts
Education:  Ed.D., Philosophy of Education, Harvard University
M.Ed., Harvard University
B.F.A., Printmaking, Colorado State University
Office:  244 McLaurin Hall   
Phone:  803/323-2670
Area(s):  Art Education, Drawing, Painting, Philosophy


College of Visual and Performing Arts

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Simmons, a native of Colorado, has spent the past 35 years working as an exhibiting artist and illustrator. He has taught drawing and painting at all levels, including gifted and talented middle school, college, and adult education. He came to Winthop in 1993 from Cambridge, Mass., where he taught art education and foundations at Massachusetts College of Art and did research at Harvard Project Zero with Howard Gardner.

Since coming to Winthrop, he has taught undergraduate and graduate art education courses as well as studio classes in drawing and illustration. He is the co-author of Drawing: The Creative Process (Prentice-Hall, 1976); co-editor of the Arts PROPEL Visual Arts Handbook (Harvard University, 1993); and co-editor of The Heart of Art Education: Creativity, Connections, and Transformation (National Art Education, in press). His research, publishing, and presentation interests include: art education, creativity, drawing, experiential education, and multiple intelligence theory. In addition, he and his wife, Martine, lead summer trips to France to study painting, photography, and French culture and cuisine.

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