Mikale Kwiatkowski

Mikale Kwiatkowski

Name:  Mikale Kwiatkowski
Title:  Assistant Professor of Design
Education:  M.Arch., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Office:  344 McLaurin Hall
Phone:  803/323-2661
E-mail:  kwiatkowskik@winthrop.edu

Mikale Kwiatkowski is an Assistant Professor of Design at Winthrop University and the founder of YES Design, an interdisciplinary studio focused on experiential graphic design, architecture, product design and visual design. YES aims to create environments and objects that invite physical engagement, enhance sensory experience and disrupt familiar perceptions. The studio has completed interdisciplinary projects for corporate retail clients, real estate development firms and higher education institutions.

Informed through her design experience within design studios, ad agencies and in-house design environments, Mikale believes that designing is a cultural endeavor. Stemming from the belief that designed products have the power to change culture and improve human experiences, her work approaches design as a site in which to communicate and cultivate empathy for diverse user experiences.

In addition to her work with clients and as an educator, Mikale maintains a client-free creative practice in which she designs and fabricates what she calls “pragmatic sculptures.” This research-through-making activity allows her to explore form, space, materials and ideas free from the typical constraints that exist within client-based work. She thinks through making, believing that the act of designing is a way of synthesizing information that reveals different knowledge than other research methods.

Mikale teaches two- and three-dimensional design classes. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University or North Carolina at Charlotte.

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