Winthrop University: Mikale Kwiatkowski

Mikale Kwiatkowski

Name:  Mikale Kwiatkowski
Title:  Assistant Professor of Design
Education:  M.Arch., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Office:  230 McLaurin Hall
Phone:  803/323-2661

Mikale Kwiatkowski is an experiential designer-artist. Her creative practice spans visual design, product design, architecture, and art. 

Mikale believes that designing is a cultural endeavor—that designed products and spaces have the power to change society. She designs pragmatic objects and interactive art installations seeking better futures. Her interdisciplinary work synthesizes design, art, and psychology to cultivate empathy for the Self and for Others.

Informed through years of experience within design studios, architecture firms, ad agencies, and in-house design environments, she also continues to work with clients designing experiential branding solutions through her freelance business, HUMIN Design.

Mikale, who joined the Winthrop faculty in 2019, teaches two- and three-dimensional design classes. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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