Winthrop University: CVPA Faculty and Staff Profile - Derksen, Gerry

Name:  Gerry Derksen
Title:  Professor of Design
Education:  M.Des., Visual Communication Design, University of Alberta
Office:  243 McLaurin Hall   
Phone:  803/323-2658
Area(s):  Visual Communication Design


College of Visual and Performing Arts

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Prof. Derksen is originally from Canada, where he went to the University of Manitobas' architecture school. Under Jorge Frascara, he studied visual communication design, at the University of Alberta integrating user-centred design philosophy with visual communication strategies. His graduate research entitled, "Jury Perceptions of Animation," studied re-enactments of a crime scene to determine the prejudicial impact on a jury.

An associate professor of design at Winthrop University, Prof. Derksen is active in the practice, and research of visual information and communication design. His published work includes: "Jury Perception and the Uncanny Valley", "Film as Surrogate to Reality", "A Strategy for Teaching Technology", and "Design Processes: Interacting between Designer, Developer, and Marketer." He has also worked on projects for the Piedmont Medical Center, the Democratic National Convention and Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden.

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