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College of Visual and Performing Arts
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College of Visual and Performing Arts

Faculty and Staff Directory


Jeff Bellantoni - Dean; Professor of Art & Design
Lorrie Crochet - Associate Dean; Director, Graduate Studies; Professor of Music
Stacy Carter - Executive Assistant to the Dean

Anna FredericksDirector, Student Services; Instructor 
Lauren Taylor Grad - Director, Communications
Karen Howard - Director, Winthrop University Galleries; Instructor


Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Project

Kim Wilson - Director, ABC Project
Kelly Hall - Programs Specialist, ABC Project
Cheryl Taylor - Business Operations Manager, ABC Project


Department of Design

Eva Roberts - Chair; Professor of Design
Gerry Derksen - Professor of Design
Chad Dresbach - Associate Professor of Design
Elizabeth Dulemba - Associate Professor of Design
Thomas Garner - Instructor of Design
Sangwon Sohn - Associate Professor of Design
Jason Tselentis - Professor of Design

Design Adjunct Faculty

Mark Aguilar - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Caroline Andrychowski - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Deborah Dunlap - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Tamara LaValla - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Kyahdric Moses - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Kathryn Nicholson - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Zhabiz Shafieyoun - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Ralph Voltz - Adjunct Faculty of Design
Jesse Weser - Adjunct Faculty of Design

Design Staff

Cindy Bekier - Administrative Assistant


Department of Fine Arts

Karen Oremus - Chair; Professor of Fine Arts
Alice BurmeisterAssociate Professor of Fine Arts
Myles Calvert - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Shaun Cassidy
- Professor of Fine Arts
James Connell - Professor of Fine Arts
Stacey Davidson - Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Mark Hamilton - Professor of Fine Arts
Michelle Aaron Livek - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Claudia O'Steen - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Seth Rouser - Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Karen Stock - Professor of Fine Arts
Stephanie Sutton - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Kyle G. Sweeney - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Adjunct Faculty

Kathleen Burke - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Paul Farmer - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Lacy Gillette - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Lindsey Hansen - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Foozhan Kashkooli - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Lauren Taylor Grad - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Jonell Logan - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Rhiannon Mack - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Emily Tuttle - Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Staff

Cindy Bekier - Administrative Assistant
Andrew Davis - Fine Arts Technician; Instructor


Department of Theatre and Dance

Daniel Gordon - Chair; Professor of Theatre
Zinorl Broñola - Instructor of Theatre & Dance 
Robert Biff Edge
- Assistant Professor of Theatre
Matt Ferrell
-  Associate Professor of Theatre
Janet Gray - Professor of Theatre
Stephen Gundersheim - Professor of Theatre
Marvin McAllister - Associate Professor of Theatre
Sandra Neels - Associate Professor of Dance
Kelly Ozust - Assistant Professor of Dance
Meg Schriffen - Associate Professor of Dance, Director of Dance Program
Gabrielle Tull - Assistant Professor of Dance

Theatre and Dance Adjunct Faculty

Chris Brown - Adjunct Faculty of Theatre
Hali Christopher - Adjunct Faculty of Theatre
Kristin Hayes - Adjunct Faculty of Dance
Ben Kubie - Adjunct Faculty of Dance
Cheralyn Lambeth - Costume Shop Supervisor
Kathren Martin - Adjunct Faculty of Theatre
Lauren Suflita Skrabalak - Adjunct Faculty of Dance
Amy Turner Thomson - Adjunct Faculty of Theatre
Caitlin Valk - Adjunct Faculty of Theatre 
Marty Wolff - Adjunct Faculty of Theatre
Arlynn Zachary - Adjunct Faculty of Dance

Theatre and Dance Staff

Ramona Kundl - Administrative Assistant


Arts Administration Programs

Robert Wildman - Director, Arts Administration Programs; Associate Professor
Janet Brown - Adjunct Faculty
Brenda Floyd - Adjunct Faculty
Eric Gershman - Adjunct Faculty
Gary Guffey - Adjunct Faculty
Marion Koltun - Adjunct Faculty
Cathy Rumble - Adjunct Faculty
Shay Wafer - Adjunct Faculty
David Wohl - Adjunct Faculty
Joy Young - Adjunct Faculty


Department of Music

Elisa Koehler - Chair; Professor of Music
Lorrie Crochet - Professor of Music; Director of Bands; Music Education Coordinator
Tomoko Deguchi - Professor of Music; Music Theory Area Coordinator
L.H. Dickert, Jr. - Professor of Music (Guitar)
Justin Isenhour - Associate Professor of Music; Brass Area Coordinator (Trombone)
Leonard Mark Lewis - Professor of Music (Composition)
Matthew Manwarren - Professor of Music; Piano Area Coordinator
Julia McCallum - Instructor of Music Education

Jeffrey McEvoy - Associate Professor of Music; Voice Area Coordinator
Jeremy Mims - Assistant Professor of Music; Choral Activities Coordinator
Ronald Parks - Professor of Music (Composition and Music Technology)
Tracy Patterson - Associate Professor of Music; Woodwind Area Coordinator (Saxophone)
Ian Pearson -
Professor of Music (Music History)
Douglas Presley - Professor of Music; Associate Director of Bands; Percussion Area Coordinator
Kristen Wonderlich - Associate Professor of Music (Voice)

Music Adjunct Faculty

Craig Allen - Adjunct Faculty (Voice)
Lannia Bronola-Dickert - Adjunct Faculty (Piano)
Elizabeth Burns - Adjunct Faculty (Cello)
Matthew Darsey - Adjunct Faculty (Viola)
Amanda Sesler Davis - Adjunct Faculty (Voice)
W. Todd Geer - Adjunct Faculty (Voice)
Kari Giles - Adjunct Faculty (Violin)
Jennifer Kempka - Adjunct Faculty (Piano)
Deborah Loomer - Adjunct Faculty (Clarinet)
Jill O'Neill - Adjunct Faculty (Flute)
Neal Postma - Adjunct Faculty (Saxophone)

Robert Rydel - Adjunct Faculty (Horn)
Hollis Ulaky - Adjunct Faculty (Oboe)
David Vergato - Adjunct Faculty (Bass)
Ashley West-Davis - Adjunct Faculty (Voice)
Marisa Youngs - Adjunct Faculty (Trumpet)

Music Staff

Donna Guerra - Administrative Assistant
Christopher O'Neill - Technical Director / Facilities Manager

Music Ensemble Directors

Bands - Lorrie Crochet, Douglas Presley
Choirs - Jeremy Mims
Jazz Ensembles - Tracy Patterson, L.H. Dickert, Jr.
Opera - Jeffrey McEvoy
Orchestra - Elisa Koehler
Steel Drums - Douglas Presley


CVPA Emeriti Faculty

Eugene M. Barban, Professor of Music
Janice Bradner, Instructor of Music
G. David Brown, Associate Professor of Design
Jess Casey, Professor of Music
Peg De Lamater, Associate Professor of Art and Design
Laura Dufresne, Professor of Fine Arts
Robert A. Edgerton, Professor of Music
A. David Franklin, Professor of Music

Elda E. Franklin, Professor of Music
David L. Freeman, Professor of Fine Arts

Laura GardnerProfessor of Fine Arts
Lorraine C. Gorrell, Professor of Music
W. Martin Hughes, Professor of Music

Alan M. Huston, Associate Professor of Art and Design
Katherine Kinsey, Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

David M. Lowry, Professor of Music
Joanne M. Lunt, Professor of Dance

Roy V. Magers, Assistant Professor of Music
William Malambri, Professor of Music

Paul Martyka, Associate Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts
Jean A. McFarland, Associate Professor of Art and Design

Mary R. Mintich, Professor of Art 

Marge Moody, Professor of Fine Arts
Phil Moody, Professor of Fine Arts
Clara Paulino, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Donald M. Rogers, Associate Professor of Music  
Anna Sartin, Associate Professor of Theatre
Curtis C. Sherman, Professor of Art and Design
Seymour Simmons, Professor of Fine Arts

Tom Stanley, Professor and Chair of Fine Arts
Bruce A. Thompson, Professor of Music

Phil A. Thompson, Professor of Music
Andrew Vorder Bruegge, Professor of Theatre
Robert J. Walden, Professor of Art and Design

Alfred D. Ward, Professor of Art and Design
Annie-Laurie Wheat, Professor of Theatre
B. Michael Williams, Professor of Music and Director of the Percussion Program

David Wohl, Professor of Theatre and Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts
Mary Beth Young, Associate Professor of Dance

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