Bachelor of Fine Arts

B.F.A. / Ceramics Concentration

The making of functional and decorative forms in clay is one of mankind's oldest creative activities. Earth and water transformed in fire; the modern medium of ceramics continues ancient practices and techniques while striving to expand the potential that modern technologies have made possible. 

The ceramics concentration at Winthrop University is an exciting and energetic area. Students are expected to become proficient with the basic techniques of handbuilding and the use of the potter's wheel before they are allowed to develop their own creative direction as upperclassmen.

Two of the principle components of the ceramics program are to develop a deep respect for craftsmanship and gain an intimate knowledge and appreciation of the history of ceramics.

Advanced levels will learn how to load and fire their own work, gain instruction on glaze and clay materials, learn and practice kiln-building techniques and ultimately work toward their senior portfolio.

Exposure to contemporary ceramics trends and artists is maintained through a very active visiting artist program and a strong connection to the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).

Upon graduation some exceptional graduates will be ready to establish their own studios; however, further study at the graduate level is recommended. Recent grads have gone on to maintain successful ceramic studios, teach at all levels of public and higher education, run and own art galleries and various ceramic operations.


Student Works 

Ceramics Program Works (pdf - 3.71 MB)


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