College of Visual and Performing Arts


The College of Visual and Performing Arts has a comprehensive unit assessment document that serves as a guide for assessment planning and implementation within the College. Each department has its own system for collecting and analyzing data on the performance of their students and uses this data to improve teaching and learning as well as to increase unit effectiveness. The assessment plans are designed to support the assessment requirements of the various professional organizations by which our programs are accredited and/or nationally recognized (NASD, NASAD, NAST, NASM, CIDA, CAEP and the requirements for SACS for University accreditation.

All of CVPA's programs have established essential student learning outcomes for each degree program and have linked (or are in the process of linking) these outcomes to Winthrop's University Level Competencies (ULCs). Various methods are utilized to assess these outcomes, including specific measures in capstone courses and experiences, portfolios, performances, examinations and assignments, alumni and employer surveys, and student exit surveys. Other evidence used to measure unit effectiveness include information collected through department and college annual reports, which are submitted annually to the Institutional Effectiveness office within the Office of Academic Affairs.

CVPA Assessment Resources: 

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Administrative & Educational Support Unit Assessment Plan Template

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Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) Institutional Report 2010 (Tracking the Lives and Careers of Arts Graduates) — Winthrop CVPA