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Art History

The Minor

Each program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree requires the completion of a minor in addition to the major program. Students may fulfill the minor requirement with one or more minors of their own choosing. The minimum number of semester hours required for a minor is 15, at least 6 of which must be in courses numbered above 299.

Minors are recorded on the permanent record. No course may be included in two minors or in a major and a minor (excluding General Education courses) unless the student is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. In the College of Business Administration, no course may count toward a business administration major and a business administration minor. Students must achieve a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average in all courses taken at Winthrop, as well as in courses counted toward the minor and the major programs.

Non-Bachelor of Arts degree students may complete minors either through the use of elective credits or through additional credits beyond those required for the degree program.

The Value of the Minor in the BA in Art and BA in Art History

Since the BA in Art and the BA in Art History require a minor, this also provides an opportunity for study in a field that will help lead to alternative career options. For example, students in the BA may consider a minor in Psychology because they have an interest in pursuing a career in Art Therapy. Others will consider the Business minor as they are interested in the entrepreneurial or business side of art which has multiple possibilities. 

Minors in the Department of Fine Arts

The minor in fine arts consists of 18 semester hours of ARTS: ARTS 101, 102, 120, and 121, and 6 hours of ARTS or ARTH from courses numbered above 299.

Art History

The minor in art history consists of 15 semester hours to include ARTH 175 and 176 and 9 hours above 299. INDS 337 and 338 may be counted toward this minor. Because no course may be included in a major and a minor, students majoring in Art or Interior Design and minoring in Art History must complete 15 semester hours in ARTH beyond those required for the major.

Last Updated: 8/29/22