Theatre and Dance

Winthrop Dance Theatre Policies And Procedures

  1. Winthrop Dance Theatre is open to dance majors, dance minors and the Winthrop student population.
  2. Students must attend the unified auditions and complete a Winthrop Dance Theatre audition form.
  3. Students are cast through a unified dance audition process held in the first week of each semester. 
  4. All choreographers who are preparing pieces for the WDT concert must be present at the unified auditions and cast students from these auditions.   
  5. Choreographers inform the students of the various pieces they are creating, and the students who are interested proceed to audition.  Choreographers may conduct callback auditions if needed. 
  6. Choreographers post the cast list of the dancers they have chosen along with rehearsal times.  Dancers and understudies initial beside their names to signify that they agree to commit to the individual pieces in which they are cast. 
  7. Students will not be cast in more than three dance pieces for the WDT concert.
  8. Students who are cast in dance pieces must be enrolled in at least one dance technique class during the same semester as Winthrop Dance Theatre.
  9. Students must be in good academic standing to be cast in a piece for WDT. 
  10. Students participating in Winthrop Dance Theatre will be enrolled in DANA 444.
  11. Students who are cast in pieces will be asked to sign a contract of commitment for the duration of the rehearsal and production period (as part of the syllabus for DANA 444). 
  12. Attire:  all students are required to wear proper clothing and conform to behavioral expectations as outlined in the Policies for Dance Students in the Student Handbook. 

Student Conduct Code