Theatre and Dance

Production Program

Participation opportunities in theatre and dance are readily available in both production and performance each semester and students are encouraged to be actively involved.  The department produces four mainstage productions (three in theatre, one in dance), two choreography showcases, and six studio theatre productions each year.  Academic credit is available and encouraged for production work.

Participation in Winthrop Theatre and Dance productions is open to all Winthrop students.  The department casting policy states:

"The Department of Theatre and Dance at Winthrop University encourages all students to audition for and participate in theatre and dance productions.  The department practices non-traditional casting which allows for ethnic minorities and females to be cast in roles where race, ethnicity, and/or gender are not absolutely essential to the artistic work."

Audition notices are posted on campus, in The Johnsonian, and announced in theatre and dance classes.  Audition procedures and casting are at the discretion of the director.  Students interested in stage managing for faculty directed productions are encouraged to apply to the department chair.  Crew vacancies are filled with the approval of the Technical Director.

Theatre Auditions: 

There are unified theatre auditions held three times a year; once in August for all fall theatre productions, in November for early spring theatre productions, and in January/February for the remainder of the season.  All students, regardless of major, are encouraged to audition for all productions.  During the unified audition period students will have the opportunity to sign-up and audition for any and all productions for that semester.  After the initial audition, the directors will post callback lists on the production callboard by the elevator.  Students on the callback lists should read the callback instructions, initial their names, and attend callbacks as scheduled.  After the callback period, the directors will meet to discuss casting options and generate their cast lists.  The cast lists will then be posted on the production call board.  Students must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to be cast in all theatre productions.

Dance Auditions: 

Auditions for Winthrop Dance Theatre will be held the first week of classes of the fall semester. Dancers should come to the audition prepared with appropriate dance attire and knowledge of their semester schedule. Each choreographer will hold individual auditions for their pieces, and students are encouraged to audition for pieces according to scheduled rehearsal times. Call back auditions will be announced and final cast lists will be posted as soon as possible.  Students auditioning for all dance concerts must have a 2.5 GPA to be eligible to be cast.

Theatre Practicum:  

In addition to the three technical theatre practicum courses (THRA 378, 379, and 173), students may receive practicum credit for substantial work on a theatre or dance production.  They do not have to be a major to receive credit.  The student requests to receive practicum credit from the director, designer or technical director in charge of the production.  If the student's work has been sufficient to warrant a one-hour practicum, the director or technical director will submit the student's name and he or she will receive a grade for one credit hour of THRA 370.  THRA 370 may be repeated for up to six hours of practicum credit.  Students may be involved with more productions, but may only receive six hours practicum credit.

Dance Performance and Production: 

Winthrop Dance Theatre functions as a repertory class during the year under DANA 443: Dance Production:  Practicum and DANA 444: Dance Production:  Performance.  Auditions are held during the first week of the fall semester.  Rehearsals are scheduled throughout the semester.  Students who do not meet performance requirements will be expected to meet production requirements to receive credit.  All participating students will be expected to sign a contract and register for one technique class. The repertory includes works choreographed by various artists.  In addition to Winthrop performances, many other opportunities are available. Auditions will be held again in the spring semester for the Student Choreography Showcase.

Independent Studies: 

Students developing their own projects, directing studio productions, and designing for either the studio or mainstage may request from 1-3 credits of Independent Study. Your advisor will help you develop a proposal, select a supervisor and determine the appropriate number of credit hours.