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Theatre and Dance

Policies for Dancers

Dancers are expected to adhere to the following policies while participating in classes, rehearsals and performances:

  • No street shoes allowed on any of the dance floors. 
  • Only water contained in sport bottles is allowed in all dance and performance spaces.  No gum, candy, sodas, or food is allowed in the dance studios, theatres or dressing rooms.
  • Winthrop University has a smoke-free policy for all buildings which includes all spaces in Johnson Hall.
  • Studios, dressing rooms, performance spaces, and rehearsal spaces must always be left clean and neat.
  • No perfume, hairspray or other personal accessories that are not in the best interest of the dancers' safety and hygiene. 
  • Students must get approval from dance faculty to use the dance studios for student works, individual rehearsals, etc.  
  • Dancers should arrive early in order to have time to dress properly and warm-up.
  • Read posted rehearsal and performance announcements daily on the dance board outside large dance studio.
  • Dancers should be enrolled in at least one dance technique class every semester.
  • Tap dancing is not allowed on the Johnson Hall studio dance floors nor on the Johnson Theatre stage dance floor.
  • All students who participate in the Theatre and Dance program should recognize that it is a significant privilege to participate in the classes, performances and rehearsals offered by the dance program.  That privilege demands responsible, ethical action.  Failure to follow the policies outlined here may result in individuals and/or groups being denied privileges to produce or participate in the future and may result in disciplinary action.  Please see the Student Conduct Code (pdf - 1.49 MB).
  • Dancers should adhere to the following dress code:



Solid colored leotard, tights, ballet slippers



White t-shirt, black tights/fitted pants, dance belt, white/black ballet slippers



Solid leotard, footless tights



Solid t-shirt, footless tights/fitted pants, dance belt



Jazz shoes for jazz, tap shoes for tap



Attire is at the discretion of the choreographer.

All Classes


No baggy pants, biker shorts, see-through dancewear, rubber or nylon pants are allowed.   Students should wear no jewelry (including watches) or banana clips.

All Classes and Rehearsals


Hair must be neatly tied back away from the face in either a bun or French-braid.  If hair is too short for these styles, it must be tightly secured with either a headband or elastic for all classes.

All Classes and Rehearsals


Appropriate layered clothing allowed during cooler seasons

Instructors have the discretion to make exceptions to the above attire policies. 

Etiquette For Dancers 

Dancers are expected to practice the following customary points of etiquette while participating in classes, rehearsals and performances:

  • Once a class or rehearsal has begun, it is inappropriate to leave the studio.
  • It is inappropriate to correct other dancers in class.  Inform the instructor or choreographer in private of any problems you have noted.
  • It is customary to applaud as a group after all classes. 

Last Updated: 8/20/20