Theatre and Dance

Johnson Hall Policies

The following policies and procedures relate to how we use our spaces, furnishings and equipment.  It is important to remember that Johnson Hall is a very public building of which Winthrop is very proud and that our department is in the business of creating public performances of which we are very proud.  Policing the building is in all of our best interests, and should be considered a responsibility of any active member of the theatre and dance department and its programs.


The following hierarchy relates to responsibility and authority for all use of Johnson Hall spaces under the control of the Department of Theatre and Dance:

  • Department Chair
  • Technical Director
  • Faculty director of production or class instructor
  • Faculty supervisor of student production
  • Student director of production
  • Production Stage Manager

Department Office: 

The Department of Theatre and Dance office is located in Johnson 115 and is open from 8:00 until 4:30 on weekdays.  The administrative specialist is responsible for monitoring all activities and use of equipment in the office.

Use of Facilities for Department Activities: 

All departmental use of Johnson must be approved by the technical director and/or department Chair.  The first priority for use of all spaces is the academic program. This includes classes and department productions.  Rehearsal schedules should be submitted as soon as possible and at least one week in advance to reserve space. Studio and classroom spaces (103, 202, 205, 232, 235) will be made available for independent student use (meetings, scene study, special projects) on an as-available basis.  Students may reserve spaces through the department Administrative Specialist up to one week in advance.  In all instances, reserved use will have priority.

Use of Facilities by Other University Groups: 

Use of Department of Theatre and Dance facilities by all other University groups requires submission of a university space request form and an accompanying request for space support services through the University Events Office.  The Technical Director is responsible for determining the availability of the space and the technical requirements.  When an estimate for technical services has been signed by the responsible party, the request is processed through the University Events Office by Neal Miller, Executive Director of University Events. 

Use of Facilities by Outside Groups: 

Use of the Department of Theatre and Dance facilities by any non-University group requires submission of a university space request form through the University Events Office.  The University Events Office will, through discussion with the Technical Director and Administrative Assistant, determine availability and technical requirements and will establish a rental contract.  The request and contract must be approved by the Technical Director, the Department Chair.  At the completion of the event, the Technical Director will submit a record of hours to the Administrative Assistant for the preparation of the final bill.  The bill will be approved by the Chair before it is submitted to the University Events Office

All groups using the facilities are obligated to follow the established policies and procedures.

Hours of Operation/Security/Keys: 

Due to the cost and inconvenience of replacing technical equipment, Johnson theatres, shops and dance studios are locked when not in use. It is the responsibility of the faculty and staff who use the spaces to ensure that they are locked.

Use of any Johnson spaces after 5:00 PM or on weekends requires either a faculty or staff member with keys or an authorized student.   Students desiring to use classrooms or studios during off times must sign out a key with the department Administrative Specialist.  Stage managers of department productions will sign out a set of keys for the duration of the rehearsal and performance period.  These keys will include: theatre (mainstage or studio), greenroom, dressing rooms, make-up room and 103. The technical director and Chair must approve any additional keys.  The stage manager will be responsible for locking up after rehearsals. Students will not be given outside keys to Johnson.  If a faculty or staff member is not to be present, campus security must be notified by them or the department administrative specialist to arrange building entry or use of Johnson spaces.

For safety reasons, it has been decided that no studios, or performance spaces will be open after midnight.  Students in the building after 9:00 P.M. are advised not to be alone but to have someone with them.  Once the outside doors are locked for the night those in the building should not allow admittance to someone. Outside doors are not to be propped open.  Faculty and staff keys are able to lock open doors. Please limit this to one door during rehearsals.  If no faculty or staff is present, students should arrange to arrive together or monitor the door until everyone expected has arrived.  At the end of rehearsals, it is preferable that the faculty or staff member in charge lock all outside doors.  Otherwise, the person in charge of the last group to leave must call public safety at x3333.


All spaces should be returned to an orderly condition before leaving.  This includes: returning chairs and prop furniture to a neutral position, picking up and disposing of any litter, sweeping the floor (if necessary), returning drapes and/or blinds to normal positions, erasing blackboards and turning off lights.   This policy holds for classes, rehearsals, crew calls and any other use of spaces.

Any damage to facilities, property, or equipment should immediately be reported to the department Administrative Specialist, who, in conjunction with the technical director, will determine whether repairs will be made by the department or will submit a request for physical plant services.


First Aid supplies are available in the following locations: Main office, scene shop, costume shop, dance studios, box office, and green room.  The technical director is responsible for maintaining the supplies. Any and all injuries requiring more than basic first aid must be reported immediately to public safety at 3333, and to the department Administrative Specialist as soon as possible.  This is to ensure that the proper paperwork has been completed.

Emergency Procedures: 

The Department of Public Safety is located in the Crawford Building.  The department is a full-service agency serving the Winthrop community by providing law enforcement services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Their services include handling emergency situations, protecting life and property, crime prevention, and traffic control.  The telephone number for emergencies is 3333.

During classes, the instructor is responsible for coordinating any emergency procedures.  During production, the stage manager is responsible for knowing the proper procedure for emergencies such as personal injury, fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. and for carrying out those procedures, as instructed by the director/choreographer.

Use of Equipment: 

No one shall operate the lighting boards, sound equipment, stage rigging or any power tools unless they have been authorized by the technical director or designer.  No one shall operate any sewing machines, irons or the washer or dryer unless authorized by the costume designer.

Video monitors, VCRs, camcorders, slide projectors; overhead projectors and boom boxes must be signed out by faculty and returned to the appropriate storage room. Sign out forms are located in the storage rooms. Faculty may reserve equipment for specific dates and times - reservation forms are also located in the storage rooms.  Any missing or damaged equipment should be reported to the department Administrative Specialist.

Equipment which has been labeled by Winthrop Property Control may not be taken off-campus without first completing an authorization form for temporary removal of property.

Use of Department Copier: 

The copier machine is primarily for department business including department productions and course materials.  It may be used for personal business or for student work for a nominal charge.  Multiple copies should be arranged through the administrative specialist so that the most cost-effective method can be employed.

Use of Furniture: 

The lobby and hallway furniture is not, under any circumstances, to be moved to other locations or used as rehearsal or performance props.  A set of rehearsal furniture for acting and directing class is permanently located in the acting studio.  Rehearsal furniture for the theatre and studio theatre must be arranged in advance with the technical director and should not be pulled from the acting studio.  Green room furniture is there for the comfort of all. It may be moved, but should be returned to its normal position before you leave. Classroom furniture should not be removed without permission of the Facilities Manager or department Chair.  It may be rearranged, but should be returned to its normal position before you leave.

Food and Drink: 

Food and drink (except water in closed containers) are only permitted in: faculty offices, the green room, the lobby and hallways.  Please respect these spaces as they are to be used and enjoyed by everyone.  Please clean up any messes and dispose of any litter in a garbage can.

Food and drink may be permitted on the stage and in the studio theatre only under the following conditions:

  1. As a part of a performance.  The director of the production must have prior department approval.
  2. As a part of a special event conducted in accordance with the special event policy.

Alcohol and Drug Use: 

In addition to the Alcoholic Beverages Policy in the Student Handbook, the Department will not tolerate students coming to any rehearsal or class under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  If a student is under the influence of either of these substances they will be asked to leave immediately.  If a student fails to leave the rehearsal or classroom the Winthrop University Police Department will be called.  Additional departmental sanctions may be imposed.


Smoking is not permitted in Johnson Hall.  If you do smoke, please be considerate of the aesthetics of the buildings and grounds by placing butts in the urns rather than littering the steps and entranceways.

Smoking is permitted on the stage and in the studio theatre as a part of a performance only if it has the prior department approval.


Pets and other animals are not permitted in Johnson Hall, with the following exceptions:

  1. Seeing eye dogs
  2. As a part of a performance, and then only with the prior departmental approval.

Fires and Open Flame: 

The Fire Marshall has determined that no open flame of any kind is permitted in Johnson Hall.  Please refrain from using candles, matches, lighters, or any other kind of open flame in any of the performance or rehearsal spaces for any reason.