Theatre and Dance

Injuries/injury Prevention

  • Faculty and staff shall advise any student who is clearly injured or ill to consult with Crawford Health Services or other health-care provider(s) of the student's choosing.
  • In the event of critical injury or classroom medical emergency, faculty or staff shall immediately call Winthrop Police #3333 to report the situation (and they will call 911 if needed). Health Services personnel are not able to respond to medical situations outside of their facility.
  • Students who are injured or ill are expected to seek out appropriate medical assistance and shall provide written notification from their health-care provider(s) if the injury or illness will affect their ability to participate in classroom or department activities. Faculty and staff are not allowed to recommend or refer specific doctors, therapists, or other health care providers for students.
  • A written Injury Report must be completed for any injury that occurs in the dance studios or performance spaces. Forms are available in main department office.
  • If a student becomes injured or sick and has an extenuating circumstance, (such as an extended documented illness, or an injury that prohibits them from attending or participating) in class or rehearsal activities they can apply for an "extenuating circumstance" withdrawal with the Dean of Students office, or drop the course.  The student may also talk to the professor of the course of the Dance Program Director, about a possible alternative plant to completing the course, if they wish to stay enrolled.  A faculty member cannot pressure a student to participate in movement or dance activities if the student is injured or sick. 
  • Faculty, staff, and students are not qualified to treat illnesses or injuries. Qualified medical personal must be sought out.
  • First aid kits are stored in the cabinets of each dance studio and are for emergency use only.
  • It is the student's responsibility to work within his/her physical limitations. Students are expected to provide necessary personal wraps, bandages, or other needed health supplies.