Theatre and Dance

Scenic Studio and Light Lab

The scenic studio provides for the entire department's scenery and property construction needs.  The shop is 31'x 38' with an effective ceiling height of 16'. Sound doors on one side lead directly to the theatre and a roll door on the opposite wall opens on the loading dock.  The studio equipment includes Sawstop technology for added safety, band, table, mitre and radial arm saws, a drill press, and welding equipment as well as a variety of portable power tools and hand tools.

scenic studio


The Yaeger Light Lab:  Imagine a giant erector set.  You can change the grid ehight, the grid pipe positions, the depth of the stage, the angle of the front pipes, and the positions of the side pipes.  The lab features 1/6 scale models, LED and moving fixtures, as well as dimmers and miniature conventional fixtures for students to test their designs.